BH or Beverly GM?

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  1. The Beverly is beautiful but I am concerned about the vachetta on the bottom and the shoulder straps look as if they might not stay on the shoulder very well. Which one- the BH or the Beverly? tia
  2. BH... but I am obsessing over wanting the BH right now so I think I'm biased!!!:yes:
  3. Bh.
  4. BH:heart:
  5. I love the beverly and plan on owning it one day, but BH is on my list too. I think if I had to choose between the two I'd get the BH. BUT warning things do fall out of the top since it doens't zip.
  6. I like the Beverly a lot better!
  7. BH - I am obsessed!
  8. Bh!
  9. BH! I don't like the closure on the Beverly for myself.
  10. The really has a lot going for it!
  11. beverly GM is a lot more expensive than BH... so it depends on your budget? Or if you really like the BH better you can get than and an accessory ;).
  12. BH, I'm not a fan of the Beverly
  13. Excellent point, ally24k. I do like the MC accessories. :smile: Thanks everyone for your opinions.
  14. Bh!
  15. Beverly GM vote here.