BH Mono vs. NF Damier

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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions for my first big purchase, I think I've narrowed it down to the BH or the NF. Thoughts on which would be best? Does either have hardware on the bottom? Thanks for your help!!
  2. Both don't have any hardware at the bottom, I find the NF to be a better casual bag for throwing lots of stuff into. I now use it for work, it carries all my essentials, extra pair of shoes and lunch! BH I find better for shopping, when I don't need to carry heaps but want something big enough to throw small purchases into. But both are a bit too big as dinner bags IMO. Depends what your needs are.
  3. I'm not a big NF fan, I like the BH better, I like the way it looks and the amount it can hold. Good luck with your decision!
  4. Bh
  5. Damier NF... love the red lining!!
  6. damier nf for sure! also not a fan of bh.
  7. Neverfull
  8. BH because of the wider straps. Less strain on the shoulder when it fully loaded.
  9. I have a BH and a damier neverfull. I much prefer my neverfull. I am actually thinking about selling my BH since I never use it.
  10. Damier! Love the practicality of the neverfull!
  11. Damier NF. I don't stuff my bag so I find the straps to be very comfortable and they stay on the shoulders. The BH straps, in my experience, slip off. Also, I think the Damier NF is more of an eye catcher than the BH, although both are nice bags.
  12. I had the same dilemma. I did buy BH but the straps kept slipping off...I ended up selling it, and now I will use the money to buy NF as I originally planned.
  13. Damier NF
  14. Damier Neverfull!!
  15. I much prefer my BH (used to have Damier NF, sold it). There's more hardware, it just looks better built, I love it.
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