BH is a bit too small, maybe... alternatives?

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  1. Okay, I bought the BH, like it, but I think it might be too small for me. :Push: I like having a lot of room in my bags, and being able to really comfortably sling it right over my shoulder...

    So I may return my BH to elux and get something else instead. I'm considering:
    1) Cabas Piano (I wonder if this is too small...)
    2) LH
    3) Saleya (would MM be big enough?)
    4) Saving for damier Chelsea

    Any ideas? :confused1:
  2. Hi! I have the Batignolles Horizontal and it is definately bigger than the Cabas Piano which I also own. I love the BH!!!! You should look at the measurements of the various bags that you are looking at either on eluxury or the Vuitton websites. The Lockit Horizontal is definately bigger than the BH. Not sure about the other two bags that you mentioned...... You may also want to consider the Cabas Mezzo which is also larger than the BH but the Mezzo is probably equivalent in size to the Lockit Horizontal. Good luck!!!! I also really like the Cabas Mezzo even though you have to worry about the bottom of the bag. I don't remember if LH has feet on the bottom of the purse or not.... You might want to look at ebay also just to see if there are pictures of the various purses showing the bottoms.
  3. Get a Cabas Mezzo or a Sac shopping if you find it used.
  4. yeah don't go with cabas piano smaller than BH. wow to me BH is a great size for an everyday bag, but if you want bigger I'd say cabas mezzo or LH.
  5. cabas mezzo....but if they still make it i'll say cabas alto...can never be too small haha :smile:
  6. I have a BH, and right now it's the smallest of my bags... I have the LH, and the Cabas Mezzo, and the Mezzo's my largest.
  7. 1st choice: cabas mezzo. 2nd choice: lockit horizontal.
  8. Mezzo or Babylone- or a Sac Flanerie, Sac Shopping, or Luco on the resale market.
  9. Yeah the Piano is much smaller than the BH. I'd go with the Mezzo or the Alto if you can find one.
  10. Lol..the Mezzo is my largest too!:wlae:
  11. the BH is too small? i always thought it was the perfect size... but then again, we probably have different needs.

    i think the cabas mezzo would be a nice choice, or the bags without vachetta bottom like the saleya MM or GM? not sure about size of those, because i don't own any nor have i tried them on personally.
  12. Special Order Damier Cabas Mezzo
  13. cabas mezzo or saleya