BH in Damier?

  1. how come they don't have it in damier? why oh why?

    i like BH's style, but mono isn't working for me.

    if there's going to be a damier version of this, any takers? :graucho:
  2. Hmmm it might be nice in Damier....
  3. Count me in! I definitely think they need more shoulder bags in Damier.
  4. Not yet...would be a good SO...and it should be out long enough to do it ;)
  5. so if i request for an SO of BH in damier.. the price would be around the original price of BH in mono? or more?
  6. That would be so pretty in Damier.
  7. Typically an SO would cost the retail price of the bag, plus something like 300 or 30% more. Not sure about the specifics, but some people on the forum have done other SO's and can give you an idea. Hope that helps!