BH in Damier

  1. I was chatting with another VIC and we were talking about which style bags we liked best. She said she loves the BH and that she has it in Mono AND Damier. I didn't want to ask her too many questions since we were just making small talk, but BH in DAMIER! WOWZA!
  2. wow! must be SO then! Im waitlisted for the hamstead which is the closest i can get to a BH in damier! cant wait till it comes out! 1st April!
  3. WOW!! That sounds SO awesome!
  4. wow! i always thought that they couldn't be SO'ed... but that's awesome. i think i would rather have a damier BH than a hampstead.
  5. Aaaaaaaaaaw, I so want the BH/BV in Damier...
  6. Wow! She must have been able to pull strings b/c the 1-866 # always tells me I can't SO it. Do you know how recently she ordered it??
  7. Oh good..I hope that means it'll be available either for general SO or as a part of the regular line soon!

  8. It was my first convo with her so I didn't want to ask a whole lot of questions (even thought I had TONS of questions) but I know she was my old SA's client (she also followed her to Bloomingdales when she was transferred) I think that she may have helped her get it. I am going to call her and ask. Hehe.
  9. Seriously, I think she gets special treatment. Lucky. I always see her when I go to LV and she buys everything.
  10. I love the damier.
  11. If this bag was in stores I'd be out the door right now on the way to get it. I love the BH but I'm debating getting it because I don't want to have too many bags in mono. But if it were in Damier... *faints*
  12. you're a better woman than me, mich...i'd have scared her away with all my Qs!:p ...good to know! thanks!
  13. Hmm. BH in Dameir must look NICE!
  14. Would be great if bh can be SO in damier!
  15. Sounds yummy. :biggrin: