BH - I paid $775 plus tax, and now it's $740 on elux...why?

  1. Hello all,

    I just wondered if any of you could help me figure this out. I have my receipt from purchasing the BH at an LV boutique last spring for $775, and now it's listed as $740 on elux. Thank you!
  2. The price had gone down a bit a few months ago during the increase (not the most current one).
  3. Thank you!
  4. You're welcome! :smile:
  5. I have never heard of LV prices decreasing? What other items did they lower the price on?
  6. ^That was it, I believe (Batignolles, BH, and BV). I think if you do a search, you can find out when it happened.
  7. It was even worse before. It got lowered from a high of $815 to $710 and now it's back up to $740. So when you got it, it did go up to $815 some time after your purchase.
  8. When I first heard about this earlier this year, I was quite surprized b/c there were so many threads on how LV prices NEVER decreased. LV keeps us on our toes I suppose. :p
  9. Same here.... paid $815 USD in July 2007 for the BH. I remember the price dropping to $710 and now it's at $740 but I don't remember seeing it for $775. Anyways, very frustrating that LV decreased the price for the Batignolles line AFTER I bought my BH but that's life! BH is a great bag!
  10. Slightly OT, but does anyone keep like a log of prices and their ups-n-downs?