BH Damier?

  1. Does anyone know if the BH will ever come in Damier? Also, does anyone have a picture of the Neverfull in Damier that will be released this fall? I'm dying to see it!!!:woohoo:
  2. Me too!
  3. It probably will eventually but for now, the closest is the Chelsea or the Hampstead.
    Also the pic of the Damier Neverfull will mosr likely be available in late summer.
  4. BH in damier..that i'll buy! but i highly doubt it because of the hampstead.
  5. i much prefer the Damier NF over the BH =)
  6. There's the hampstead which looks so much like a damier Batignolles so probably not? If they're releasing one, then I'd like to have one :yes:
  7. i would buy one if it came in azur.
  8. ITA- it'll probably be available for SO in a year or so but I can't see it ever being released as part of the regular line (unless the Hampstead was discontinued).
  9. I asked the SA when I bought my Mono BH he said most likely not. Only classic styles will be produced in both patterns like speedy, bucket, and papillon. He said this two lines are supposed to have different designs of bags.
  10. i wld love to see the neverfull damier....:balloon: