BH/BV ownwers: How did you decide which one to get?

  1. I had my mind set on BV but after looking at the other threads and pics I am now reconsidering.

    I went to try them on at LV with my sister and she told me the BV looked better on me (I'm 5'3") but the SA was pushing the BH saying it is more convient and that you don't have to dig around for your things.:confused1:

    So, I would love to get some of your opinions. TIA
  2. hi there! i got the BV because it looks much better on me. i'm 5'5 but for some reason, the BH looked big and awkward on me. so far so good with my BV. i just make sure my things are pretty organized inside so no hassle with the digging out part. i know how sometimes we put importance on what the SA's says, but you also have to follow what you like cus you're the one who's going to use it- so i say go for what you like and think would suit you best :smile:
  3. i like the bh better.
  4. I don't have either but I really want the BV. It also looks bette ron me than the BH. I'm 5'2". I just really like the way it looks on your shoulder!!!:yes:
  5. I chose the BH because I liked how it looked aesthetics- wise. I preferred the wider shape. I agree with your SA who said you won't have to dig as far to find stuff but if the BV looks better on you then go for it :smile: Also, for me it was a matter of what I put in there. If I bought the BV I would have a lot of wasted space in the upper half of the bag.
  6. I've always loved the BH. It's so flattering in terms of shape as well.
  7. I got a BV because it looks better on me. I'm around 5'2", petite. I don't like how the BH looks. I know a lot of ladies on this forum like the BH better, but go for what looks best on you. :yes:
  8. I'm 5'4" and got a BV. I liked the longer look of the BV better and because it's deeper, not easy for things to fall out. I don't like bags where you can see what's being carried - and I usually carry water, usual purse stuff, newspaper and any other random assorted junk and using a BV keeps it hidden away -- don't need the world to know I carry everything and the kitchen sink with me!!:p I love the BV, it's a great bag!!
  9. When I had first seen them online at eLuxury, for some reason, I always wanted the BV. This is what makes me think the BV came out just a little before the BH did, because right before I was going to visit the boutique to get my BV, I saw the BH and made a mental note to look at as well.

    When I got there, I fell in absolute love with the BH and wondered how on earth I ever wanted the BV, lol! I'm about 161cm/5'3" tall, and so I'm technically petite, lol, but I still actually liked the look of the BH on its own and on my shoulder.

    As well, as another member already mentioned, for the things I'd be carrying, I knew the horizontal would work best. I've had other vertical-style bags and everything would end up at the bottom and difficult to access, but with my BH, I am more organized than ever! I carry my smaller makeup bag, my checkbook wallet, my camera, my iPod, my phone in the phone pocket, a few little necessities in the zipper pocket and I'm set! Sometimes I even put in a bottle of perfume and some lotion if I know I'll be away for too long, haha, and everything sits nicely at the bottom, but is still easy to find. Also, my items don't have too much height, so unless someone is looking directly into my back, no one can see what's inside.

    But, as everyone else said, you should go with whatever you like best! Your SA is not the one who will be wearing this bag, you are! Try both of them and see how each looks and decide from there. Oh yes, also, put your things inside of each bag to see if that makes a difference. I always check to see how my things will fit before I make the final decision.

    I wish you much luck and I know either choice will be fabulous, enjoy!!!

  10. Thanks for detailed reply. ;)
  11. I just purchase BH two weeks ago. I tried the BV for some reason it look weird on me. My SA on the other hand is kinda pushing me to get BV. How weird is that lol? In the end, I got the BH because it fits my small laptop and books.
  12. i bought the Horizontal because i'm only 5'4", and the Vertical makes me look even shorter. plus i think the shape of the Horizontal just looks better than the Vertical
  13. ^^ Same here...The BV doesn't really do it for me, but I also like how I can fit my notebooks horizontally in the bag instead. It makes a great bag for school.
  14. I agree with Rebecca, the BV isn't all that attractive to me. When I first saw the BH I gasped, that usually means I'm going to buy the bag. LOL!
  15. I also saw the BH/BV on Elux before seeing them IRL and from the pictures I liked the BV more. Then I went into LV and tried them both on and I did not care for the BV but loved the way the BH looked on me. I am also 5'3". Just like the OP my SA also mentioned having to dig for things in the BV and talked me into the BH. I love my BH. But it is what you prefer you are the one paying for it and carrying it so buy what makes you happiest.