BH/BV Owners: How is the bag after you break it in?

  1. I took out my BH for the first time today and was wondering how the bag will change with wear. The shoulder straps are a bit stiff, but not too bad. This is basically my first leather bag. I was wondering from the many BH or BV owners.. how is this bag after you break it in? What can I expect?

    Thanks so much.

  2. My BH is only 4 months old but I have carried her nearly every day. She is much more comfortable now. The bag molds to my body and I can keep it pretty well closed with my arm over it. It definitely gets softer with wear and time. It's a GREAT bag!
  3. I've had mine for months, in fact almost a yr and its still that way. I guess if you use it all the time the straps will soften quickly.
  4. I've had mine for a year. It's absolutely gorgeous. Light honey colored and so soft. My girls have had theirs longer. Their straps are just soft and just mold to the shoulders and stay on great. It's a wonderful bag!
  5. I agree with the others--it ages beautifully!!
  6. The only problem I have with mine is the fraying of the edges of the vachetta otherwise it is a great bag.
  7. The straps do soften up after use. :yes:

  8. Have you taken it in to have them look at it? We have three of them at our house and no fraying. Sounds like it needs something done. This sounds like a defect. Do you have any LV where you could take it?
  9. mine is about a year old and still a little bit stiff but love it that way too...
    its one of my most comfortable bags and hold alot without looking too stuffed.
    Love the honey color!
  10. Thanks for all the replies.

    I'm all excited now. I can't wait to see it turn and age. I still can't believe I have it and it's all mine.