BH Buckles--to buckle or unbuckle

  1. I have the BH and when I have the sides buckled, the inside drives me nuts because the sides are clinched in. The bag is great but somehow, I can't seem to dig in it when the bag is buckled. Does it look funky if I were to walk around with the sides unbuckled?

  2. Nah, it doesn't look funky at all! :nogood:
  3. ITA it looks great either way! I tend to get lazy and keep the snap closure shut and then have a hard time getting in and out...guess I shoudl just keep it unsnapped, LOL.
  4. I always leave them buckled because I tend to keep my notebooks in the back half when I use it as a school bag.
    But whichever way works for you is best. :yes:
  5. It looks fine unbuckled, but I prefer mine all strapped in !
  6. I leave mine buckled, but I think you are fine leaving them un done! If it makes you love the bag more, then go for it!
  7. its looks fine unbuckled! :yes::greengrin:
  8. I have this are talking about the side buckles right? Not the inside clasp?

    If its the side buckles...i personally dont like unbuckled, i keep it buckled and just adjust it to how cinched i want it depending on what i am carrying
  9. I prefer them to be buckled
  10. buckled look neat and pretty !
  11. Never tried to unbuckle, always do so... :yes: