BH Boogie and Raspberry PT have arrived!

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  1. and I loooove them! Here's a quick picture of each in between classes, I really wanted to do a reveal but I have nooo time and I'm too excited. As an added bonus I have included my whole Tano family as of right now! Caramel DWTS, Grape Minilisa (my first tano everrr) and my Pom Chicklit! :yahoo:

    Maybe tomorrow I will go outside and take some of each in the natural light. The new bags came out pretty true to color but in the group photo the caramel and pom look slightly off on my screen, still gorgeous though. :tup:

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  2. OMG!!!!!!! LOOOOOOK at that Boogie! :faint::faint:

    You have an awesome collection!!!!!!!:tup:
  3. You really do have a great collection! That blue hawaiian is beautiful. And thanks, pics in natural light would be very helpful!!
  4. Thank you!! It's the most amazing blue I have ever seen on a bag. I am shocked I went for the boogie though, never thought I would. It always looked a bit too big for my liking but it's perfect and it sits so nicely on the shoulder, I don't even miss the outer pockets lately. I can definitely see another boogie in my future...:graucho:

    I will definitely do that tomorrow musicgirl! I have class till noon but then I'm free for the day. I think to really appreciate that caramel it has to be in natural light. I hope it comes out nicely.
  5. Thanks sun! The Boogie is most definitely a great great bag. I'm glad you decided to try one!
  6. [​IMG]

    This is just :drool:. Love all your Tanos but this one just makes me drool! Must look away.....
  7. That boogie is beautiful! My boogie is the largest bag I have ever used. Now that I am used to it, it is my all purpose go everywhere bag.
  8. Yowza that blue is A.MAZ.ING.
    You just sold me on that color .... and I had an itchy trigger finger.
  9. The BH Boogie is TDF!! Now I am undecided as to whether or not to get the GW in BH or BB. It was the BH that I was first attracted to in the previews and now tha IRL pics have me drooling.
  10. The BH is gorgeous! and I love the family photo - you have a very nice collection.
  11. HOLY smokes your collection is gorrrrrrrrrrrrrgeous!!!!!! Look at those new beauties!!! Wowza, hot hot hot!
  12. OMG
  13. :hugs: voodoo... breathe hunny, breathe
  14. #14 Jan 30, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2009
    :woohoo: Heh, isn't it gorgeous?!? I just painted my nails bright blue as a tribute. lmao Seriously it's hanging on my door handle and I can't stop staring at this color. I am lovinggg the brown trim as well, it totally makes the bag for me. I decided I was cut off from Tano until Fall since I'm craving so many of those new styles but I may just need another bag in this color! :faint:

    Get it ladiessss!!! I'm a classic enabler so I won't say more...:graucho: but it really isn't too big at all! It's also the largest I own now but I'm very happy with the size. The handle is a little stiff but I expect there will be a little more give to it as it breaks in, yes?

    I'm hoping to take some pictures outside tomorrow afternoon as long as it's not raining so yay!!
  15. They are all beautiful but I must say that Blue Hawaiian is such an impressive color. And this is coming from someone who owns not a single blue bag.