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  1. [​IMG]here is a pix of my original bgum pink WE. i used it sparingly because it is my favorite bal color.:heart: my bf used to tease me all the time to sell it because i never used it. i told him bal was not doing pinks for a while so i didnt know when i would be able to get another one. he used to tell me he had one a new bgum pink WE in his closet. right....anyway, for valentines day, he presented me with a large bal box and guess what? there was a brand new bgum pink WE inside!!!:wtf: he had bought it a while ago and was planning on waiing until mine was very worn in before he gave it to me. when vert d'eau came out, similar to seafoam, he was afraid bal would release a similar pink to bgum and lessen my excitement so he gave it to me now. :smile: so, you guys know how i feel about multiple bal bags in same color and in same style. :supacool:
    bal bgum pink WE.jpg
  2. Wow, sooooo much pink leather there! She's gorgeous... you're a lucky duck!

    I'm sure MANY PF'ers will be drooling right about now...

    ... and what a sweet BF!
  3. Very nice!!! Does your comment imply that you are keeping both? I'm like you in that I hate using my favorite items, so I often like to have a backup of items that I particularly like. Of course, that hasn't applied to bags yet. I don't think that my husband would be as understanding as your BF.
  4. My WE heart is lusting after your bubblegum bag!!! Looks fabulous on you. :yahoo:
  5. Congrats! Love it. You look so happy in your pic. :yes:
  6. OMG!!!!!! That is a BEAUTY!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy it.
  7. omg! i am so happy for you! what a surprise and what a swee bf!!! now you will have a back up bag
  8. WHAT?!?!?!?! omg kill me now. thats the best thing i have ever heard. lucky girl....
  9. OMG, congrats, I so want that bag!!!!! If you ever want rid of your back up...............................................................................................
  10. What a great guy! This is so thoughtful. Were you shocked when you opened the box?

    It looks great on you:smile:
  11. Great story, GORGEOUS bag. Congratulations! :smile:
  12. Wonderful boyfriend and BEAUTIFUL BBag- you got it all, girl!Congrats!:yes:
  13. aww what a nice BF!

    he needs to give classes to all the PHH's and PHB's
  14. sweet!!!!!!!

    congrats !!~~~ you got it all!!! i cannot agree more~!!
  15. Wow
    so much pink leather there its gorgeous!:shame: