BGirls from Singapore - hv u ordered fr LVR b4?

  1. hihi! am thinking of ordering a City with regular hardware from LVR and get it ship to Singapore...can anyone help with these queries?

    - how much does the City with regular hardware cost? the pdf file i hv only shows the pricing for the GH

    - since i do not stay in Europe, does tat mean i can get a tax claim? does LVR deduct the tax from the selling price they quote or do i hv to claim my tax afterwards? if the latter...where to claim from?

    - anyone has a catelogue of their existing stock? i also did a search and cam across a thread posting abt LVR sales on bbags...anyone has any idea when will the next sales be?

    thanks in advance! :p
  2. Unfortch, I've never ordered from LVR before, but I'm sure the other girls who have had experiences will chime in to help.

    G'luck on your purchase!

    P/s Have you decided on a colour yet? :p
  3. Hi Cheyenne! Welcome!
    I've never ordered from LVR..but yeah... someone fer sure will chip in. Btw, have you considered Aloha Rag (store in Hawaii)? Shipping to Spore is free (worldwide i tink, for purchases above USD500). Prices for BBag in the US are cheaper than in Spore, say ard SGD300-400 cheaper, depending on the models. U'd have to email them for their latest Bbag inventory & they reply to emails pretty fast....helpful too.

    aloha rag online select shop :: martin margiela, chloe, lucien pellat-finet, tsubi, corto moltedo

    I've the inventory for 06 bags + a few GH models. PM me if you wanna see k. Hope this helps.
  4. hihi!

    yup,initially i was goin to order from aloha rag coz the USD was low...however, its gone up and after some calculations, buyin it with Euro will be cheaper provided that the tax can be refund! hee...

    anyways, thanks for ya fast response girls! :p
  5. Yes.

    They will quote you the amount without the tax if you tell them upfront you're from overseas. However, when you do your computation, factor in that you will NOT get the FULL tax exemption i.e. if total tax rate is 18%, you will only get 13-15% due to processing fees. And also consider the tax you will have to pay in Singapore. Total duties to be paid in Sing will be based on cost + postage fees.

    I haven't ordered from LVR yet but this is what I know based on my experience ordering from other countries.

    Good Luck on your search.
  6. Hi, haven heard from LVR. But I have just received my Rouge Vif from overseas. If you are keen to know how I did, please PM me. Cheers!
  7. Cheyenne: Ooooo...Euro is cheaper...ok then u'd better get from LVR then.
    Sorry OT!!! Stef: Rouge Vif!!! Awesome!!!! I wanna see!!!! :drool: Pretty pleaseweee...Congrats hun!