BGD engagement ring upgrade :-)


Jan 23, 2011
In Wonderland
It's here!!! Yahoo!!! :woohoo:

My original engagement ring was a classic Tiffany solitaire setting .85 ct but to commemorate the birth of our first child (which will be in less than two months), my sweet DH decided we should upgrade.
So this is the result of our upgrade process: a Brian Gavin 1.62 ct I VS2 Signature Blue Round in a platinum Tiffany Style setting! I AM IN LOVE!!!
The sparkle is insane!!!!! I cannot believe how beautiful it is! It literally took my breath away! I couldn't be any happier!

Thanks again to all the ladies who have helped me in picking this ring and of course a special thank you to you, Ame, for finding this amazing stone for us!!!

Specs are as follows:

AGS graded
Measurements: 7.50 x 7.54 x 4.67 L
Lab cut grade: Ideal
Light performance: Ideal
Polish: Ideal
Symmetry: Ideal
Table %: 56.9
Depth %: 62
Crown %: 15.2
Crown angle: 35
Star %: 53
Pav angle: 41
Pavilion %: 43.5
Lower girdle %: 77
Culet: pointed
Fluorescence: Very strong blue
Girdle min-max %: 1.6 – 3.9
Girdle: Thin to medium faceted

Some pictures (I'm a lefty, so I wore it on my right hand to take pics):


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Mar 22, 2007
Wow wowwie wow wow wow! IT. LOOKS. AMAZEBALLS. I cannot believe it's finally arrived for you!!!! That thing is remarkable on your hand! Helluvan upgrade!


Mar 30, 2007
Calgary, Canada
Stunning!!! I love your stack, as well as the simple solitaire setting. The stone is gorgeous on your finger too!!! It has presence, but it hasn't gone over the edge of "gaudy big". Just perfect. :heart: