BGC spinoff: Love Games

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  1. Premieres Tue March 16 11/10c
  2. I'll watch the first episode, but bleh they could have chosen better girls!! Sara and Kendra are sooooo easy, which might make the show worth watching, but how many skanky girls do we really need to see on TV?
  3. LOL I feel the same way. With Kendra especially it should be called "The Booty Call Show".
  4. This is such a hodge podge of a show. Pick a box, wrap a present, write a song, go on an 80's rollerskating date. It's like the show can't think of anything else more creative to do for a challenge.
  5. Yeah the show is pretty lame. Sarah seems so stuck up and in-love with herself. I though it was funny during the cooking challenge when only one guy cooked for her.
  6. Ugh I know! On the BGC she seemed very into herself. Now that she seems like she's lost a little weight and fixed her hair she's even more in love with herself then before. It's such an ugly thing to watch.

    I missed the cooking challenge. But haha only one guy wanted to cook for her? Good!
  7. I hate her new hair. It's too boxy for her round face, it bugs me every time I see her.
  8. ^^^yall talking about Kendra.
  9. That's funny because I like her hair better now then before, lol. I thought before it showed off way too much of her larger forehead. Now it kind of hides that.
  10. I just watched the latest episode. Sarah is going to lose both guys with the way she's playing them against each other.

    Kendra seems really aloof.
  11. Kendra annoyed me so much when she said, it's been a few days in the house I wanna kiss a boy. Gees heaven forbid you have to wait a few days before swapping spit with a complete stranger. She must be in heat.

  12. yea she's too much for me. eeeewww
  13. Kendra is so pretty but then she opens her mouth and says something and I just cringe...