BG trunk show

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  1. I went to the BG trunk show today. I was hoping to see the reissue with pearls, but no luck. They had the following that I remember:
    Black metallic reissue in 227 size
    gold flap bag with lion closure
    Turquoise coco croco
    Dark Silver metallic leather classic bag
    Sharpey in flap style and tote
    Bubble bags
    Modern chain in black in east/west style
    Modern chain in burgundy in north/south style
    fringe evening bag
    Gold metallic flap bags
    Also, in stock they had pocket in the city and a full line of "the Rock" bags.
  2. Hi! :smile: Do you remember by any chance if the Black metallic reissue had silver hardware? Also, do you remember if the gold metallic flap bag was gold lambskin? Thanks for posting! :smile:
  3. The black metallic reissue had silver hardware. I'm not sure about the gold.
  4. ^^hi, do you remember what colors BG will buy for the bubble bags? thanks!
  5. I saw beige and brown.
  6. thanks so much for reporting! the dark silver metallc classic bag ur referring to, was it reissue? sorry if its a dumb question but i dont know what the classic bag is..thanks!
  7. Thanks for the report, do you remember if the black metallic reissue was similar to the luxe ligne metallic black or shinier?
  8. I was at the BG trunk show today as well, great selection of shoes and boots. The RTW was TDF, I ordered a blazer with metallic threading and a patent reissue in silver.
  9. Two quick questions:
    1. is the gold metallic flap bag the classic flap with the CC closure or reissue?
    2. is the dark silver classic the same dark silver as the reissue from the cruise collection? Also, does it have the CC closure or is it a reissue?

    Thanks for the report!
  10. The dark silver was a classic flap bag with an interesting chain. It was a different kind of metallic texture than the reissue. BG is not getting the reissue in dark silver.They werte gettin it in light silver and metallic black.
  11. It was shinier.
  12. 1.The gold had the cc closure.
    2.The dark silver also has the cc closure
    BG was not ordering the dark silver reissue. The chanel boutiques and NM are getting the dark silver reissue.