BG sent me the wrong bag!!

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  1. ARGH i am pissed right now.

    In my correspondences when ordering the bag with Peter, I stated I was looking for the light beige medium caviar flap and even gave him the model number, 09C A01112Y01864 21209, and even attached a picture of the bag to ensure that the color of what i will be receiving is the beige clair. BUT NO, what came was the bag in TAN.

    tell me how can a SA when given all the information - especially the model number of the bag not give me the right bag?!

    I have no idea how much additional charges i have to incur sending the bag back, paying custom tax for receiving the WRONG bag!

    i am as hell seriously pissed right now because i was so looking forward to receiving my HG - the beige clair!! and this has to happen now. i feel i need to murder someone! :mad::rant:
  2. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. It's really upsetting... Hope BG will refund your shipping & custom tax. For return in the US, BG arranged free Fedex pick up & return when I returned my bag. You should ask if it can be done from your country (I'm assuming you're not in the US since you mentioned the custom tax). Since it's their fault sending you the wrong bag, you should definitely get a free return shipping. If not, ask him to talk to the store manager or something. I don't know what to say about the custom tax. :sad:
  3. OMG! i feel the same just by reading your post! :cursing:

    sorry this happened to you... have you tried calling Peter or any1 from BG yet? i think you should absolutely demand that they cover return shipping + addt'l taxes! if it won't work w/ SA's, talk to the manager and send him all email correspondences between yourself and Peter as evidence that you have been very specific w/ your bag requirement from the beginning...

    btw, ot, just wondering, so is it true that Peter has been reinstated?
  4. Yes i am going to insist that they pay for the tax and shipping back! this is my worst nightmare!

    i'm not sure if Peter has been reinstated because Becca took over my order and i have forwarded all the correspondences i had with Peter to Becca and i'm now waiting for a reply.

    sigh :sad: i can't believe how depressing this it and how much work it takes to just get what i ordered!
  5. yikes!!! :shocked: I feel so badly for you! :shucks:

    this is precisely one of my worries when i buy from overseas - that they'll send the wrong bag and I'll end up having to pay tax twice!!!

    good luck - hope BG resolves it to your satisfaction.
  6. Wow, I feel your pain...I know you must have been so excited to finally receive your HG (or so you thought.) I'd demand that BG refund all shipping and customs fees since it was clearly the SA's mistake. It honestly baffles me that you were sent the wrong bag even AFTER you gave the style # AND color code!! :weird: Same goes for SA's that ship bags to their customers with the security tag still attached. I mean seriously, do these SA's just throw the bag into a shipping box with their eyes closed?! :confused1: Customer service is VERY important to me which is why I won't deal with SA's that are all about "the sale" and nothing more. I have one SA who keeps me very happy and gives special attention to detail. She always goes the extra mile for me and calls me a few days later to see how I'm doing and to make sure I'm happy with my purchase.

    So sorry this happened to you. I hope you are able to get your real HG soon. Definitely call the manager and ask to be refunded for shipping and customs fees. Tell the manager that you gave the style number/color code and was sent the wrong bag..
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    In December i had the worst nightmare ordering chanel shoes via peter/BG - The right shoes and size except they were clearly damaged as the leather on the heel was ripped. after much correspondence with Peter about having bg arrange fedex to pick it up the end result was they refused so i had to cough up for shipping it back - which really pissed me off to no end.. which made me decide never to order again from bg was the fact that they didnt have any shoes to replace it with so they shouldve refunded the cost of the orginal shipping cost which they also didnt do.
    Good luck - i feel your anger and frustration
  8. oh gosh! Soni, i'm sorry you had to face all that. I can definitely understand how agonising it was and how much effort you had to go through just to get what rightfully belonged to you to begin with!
  9. thanks op i can understand where you're coming from having kind of been there myself, Maybe you will have alot more luck than i did.
  10. Sorry to hear. That's ridiculous but with the lack of follow through of some sas......... And reinstated ??? Sure it will work out ok for you but that is very lame.
  11. Definitely contact Becca and have them pay for shipping. I can't understand why he is still so involved in BG when he no longer works there. I guess he is trying to get business for his girlfriend, but then you have problems like this. I finally unsubscribed from his emails. I just couldn't take all those emails when he doesn't even work at BG anymore! Good luck in getting this resolved!
  12. Sorry to hear that.
    Although, the tan color is good too.
    If you have not get one yet, just look at it few times to see how you like after all.
  13. i'm really glad for TPF! thanks to all those who have replied here and also PMed me to share their experiences from peter or BG. i really appreciate all the support! :biggrin: becca hasn't replied due to the time difference but it's ok, my mum loves the bag so i'll be giving it to her! it's a happy ending in the end! i'll continue to be on the search for my HG then.
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    Could you post a picture of the bag you received? Is the bag you received tagged with a different color code?
    I ordered a 09C Light Beige Lamb M/L SHW from Saks for a friend and just received it a few days ago. I must say I was disappointed with the shade, it was too yellowy for me. Quite different from the pic of the SA (he sent me a photo of the exact bag before he shipped it out) and clearly not what I expected after seeing tonnes of pictures in TPF. I also remembered seeing a very pretty Light Beige/Beige Clair in the boutique and on someone very briefly, so I was tempted to order a similar bag in Caviar as well to beat the price hike, so relieved I didn't pull the trigger becos I think the Light Beige shade does vary slightly eventho they all share the same color code 21209.
  15. I really hope that they refund you for the shipping and tax! That is not right, they sent you a completely different bag! OP be sure to post once you get your new beige clair!