BG: Pre-Fall Bags arrived!

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  1. I don't like the idea of vinyl either, especially at those prices. Maybe vinyl will be a hit in London where it rains a lot? :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  2. Thank you for the pics
  3. pretty pictures! thanks for sharing.
  4. Wish it's at least patent leather??
    Thanks for the pictures anyway!
  5. Wooow gorgeous bags. I really love patent leather. It looks sooo yummy.
  6. I'm not sure that I am loving the fabric. But the shapes are cute.
  7. hi... just picked up my large cambon yesterday and saw a red patent leather shoulder handbag with silver leather lining ... can't remember what it's called... it's from the luxury range. I didn't even look at it initially as I thought it was vinyl.. but when told it was leather it puts a different spin on the 'look' so have asked to put aside for today to think about it... costs... US$2700 by the way am way down here in Australia...
    Looks really yummy and seriously considering getting it... it's got leather chain handles with stitched double C's on one side. Has anyone see it? There's a larger one too.
  8. hm... I was hoping for something unique with a CHanel logo... feels like the same thing over and over
  9. God I think I might really like the new Rock the largest one in black - the flap with quilting at the sides etc- but i just found a vinyl cabas and now don't know if I can justify both!! Do we think they're different enough? HELP :wtf:
  10. Yes! This is the large patent leather tote from the Luxury collection. It's just called the Luxury tote. It's a gorgeous bag, very well made. The patent is textured and won't show fingerprints. I think you should buy it as this may be the last season for the Luxury ligne. It's USD $2750.
  11. my SA at NM said vinyl will be hot for fall...i tried on the bag....very light, i liked it...............but then again, i love not only classic but edgy things even in high-end designer..............the big one is $1695 and the smaller is about $1100ish..................NM will have them in black and wine..........
  12. I fall out of love for "The Rock" handbag.. Don't know why... Maybe the vinyl turned me off.. Oh well.. :/
  13. I bought the larger size black one about a week and a half ago bc its sooo cute, although i admit it feels like a hefty bag:wtf:
  14. Gorgeous!
  15. I saw the vinyl bags in Vegas last week. They were very soft to the touch, but not for me.