BG: Pre-Fall Bags arrived!

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  1. The Pre-Fall is here!!!

    Bergdorf Goodman just received two new styles from our Pre-Fall Collection. Pictures are enclosed.
    For more information (colors, fabrics and prices), please call or e-mail Galina.

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  2. Nice! I haven't seen the red yet. Still unsure of the vinyl though.
  3. me too. I'm not sure about the vinyl.
  4. I like the red one, the vinyl is slooowly starting to grow on me.
  5. I love the style and size of the big one, and liked the vinyl a little more until I saw it IRL. I still don't strongly dislike it, but I saw so many other bags I loved -- I'm in trouble enough!
  6. I got this email too- not crazy about either bag- I guess I am just not a vinyl fan.
  7. Those bags are so pretty. :drool: Thanks for sharing. Are they the ones called The Rock? I think I want the red one. :nuts: I'm going to take a break from LV after collecting 19 of them (some of which I have never carried) & start getting more Chanel.

    Swanky, have you seen anything great in Plano? Let me know. :yes:
  8. [​IMG] whats the price for this one - i love it!!
  9. I like the styles of the bag, but really prefer leather.
    I've looked at both of them in person and found the vinyl to feel kind of cheep.
  10. Nice!
  11. I saw both of these at Neiman Marcus today and Damian from Saks said they received a shipment of pre-fall bags today too.
  12. Oh, beautiful - thanks for posting!!!!:smile:

    Stunning color and very pretty to look at and admire on others ...but I can't get myself to spend the $$$$ required to buy a Chanel vinyl bag....I just can't do it.

    To me vinyl is a play material not an investment material - regardless of the name on the bag....if that makes any sense....:huh:
  13. like the shape, like the color, like the design... just don't like the vinyl.
  14. they are ok. Nothing to write home about IMO.
  15. saw them at SAKS too and didn't give them a second look.