BG Pink, Magenta, Sahara, and Thyme at NM Short Hill NJ

  1. Call and ask for Lee. They got shipments in today 1-877-777-5321. He is excellent.:tup:
  2. Also NM in Tysons has a Thyme First (very cute:drool:) and Sahara City with SH.:yes:
  3. and it sounded like they didn't even have a waitlist! The SA told me Lee was gone but he'd be in tomorrow- to call at noon or later- they need to go through bags...... (oh--- didn't get it until I typed it- perhaps there was a wait list...)

    anyways- she told me they didn't have any Twiggy's and the only stuff they had in green was with the gold hardware.... :love:
  4. :huh:oo:huh:OOOoo:huh:OOO! I'm going to go drool at Tyson's tomorrow!!
  5. :crybaby:

    wish I could go to a store and check out the colors IRL---- you ladies are so lucky down in the states!
  6. Wow Nanaz~ Thanks, I haven't even heard from BalNY about Sahara yet!! THANKS
  7. I hear you, Alaska! Cincinnati feels like Alaska sometimes when it comes to retail....
  8. Thanks nanazie!!!!!!:heart::flowers::heart: Did you like the sahara you saw???

  9. Lovely~ I live in PGH~ It's even worse....
  10. My honest opinion, NO.:nogood: It was too flat, boring and no debt to it. Not my cup of tea.:nogood:
  11. What about Vert thyme color?? Did you like the color nanaz?
  12. Nanaz, hi they have some daybags in thyme with sgh or ggh??

  13. Ditto for Cleveland! Sigh.....:sad:
  14. I loved the Thyme color.:yes: It was gorgeous.:tup:
  15. I didn't see any but call Lee and i am sure he will let you know what exactly they got.:yes: