BG pink city?

  1. Is this available at BalNY? Thanks!
  2. ^ hmm there was a waitlist but you def have to call to find out
  3. Neiman's seems to have a ton of them.
  4. As does both Barneys and NM up and see what they have available.
  5. I will tell you that I am so glad I didn't have one sent from BNY. I have three in my house right now that I am deciding between. I already took one back because it had a large patch of discolored whitish leather about 1.5 inches square on the front near the zipper. Out of the remaining three, one seems to have someone inconsistent color so that is definately getting returned. I like the color on one better but the leather on the other so I think I am keeping the one with the better leather but I still haven't decided. My point is, if you buy from BNY, you are kind of stuck with what you get since they aren't too return-friendly there. NM is great about it. I can't wait to see their reaction when I go return two more of them. :smile: