BG Pink City with GGH at Neimans!

  1. Hi all, if anyone wants a BG PINK GGH City, I have one on hold at Neimans in Scottsdale.
    Rita has it on hold for lauren. 480-990-2100
    She'll be in tomorrow at 10:oo AM

    Good Luck!
  2. Ohhh did they have any RH??? And what other colors did they get in. I had no idea NM already received 08's. Thanks for the info!
  3. This was the only 08 they got so far! I am waiting for RH too!
  4. thanks.
  5. My name is Lauren too!!!!
  6. does anyone know if they received the money wallet in BG with GGH??
  7. OMG Zacorey! How funny! I actually grew up hating my name as is wasn't too common, but now i like it!
  8. ^^^ I used to hate my name too! lol~ but a lot of people had my name where I grew up!
  9. Wow, you must be younger than me:supacool:
    Barely anyone had my name, and you could never find anything personalized-the closest names were Laurie or Laura. The kids would tease me and call me Moron instead of Lauren. I think it pissed them off cause I was always in the gifted classes!:yes:
    I love it now!
  10. ^^^LOL!!!!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: You are a RIOT!!!!!!! I know~ everyone would call me Laura or Laurie all the time and it drove me CRAZY!!! I love personalized stuff too and I used to have a hard time finding anything with my name on it but now it is more common to find! Yeah~ I still buy stuff with my name on it!!!:biggrin:
  11. Too cute;) I do use my name on my Jewelry design cards, and my facial business. But , the bummer is there are so many people having the name that I actually have to add a name to it so it's not copying another " Lauren"
    When people would look at me strangely when I told them my name- I'd say "Lauren, you know like RALPH???" Actually sometimes they didn't even know what Ralph meant...Jeeshh! :wtf:
    FYI- Ralph Lauren is not his real name- google it and you'll be hysterical:roflmfao: