BG has the suede black Prives and Yoyos on Pre-order

  1. ~ and the switched the prices. The Prive says $500+ and the yoyo $770. Will they catch it?

    They also have the nude and black patent simples (70mm?) on pre-order.

    I pre-orded the nude patent simples!! Yay! Happy V-day to myself! :biggrin:
  2. Are they allowed to change it back if we go through the checkout process w/ the VPs being 500$?!?! :nuts:
  3. I wonder if they have the price mixed up, or just the picture? On second thought maybe you should call and ask them which heel is for which price?
  4. Shhhh... 'Be bewry, bewry quiet...' We're hunting CLs... :ninja:
  5. When NM messed up the Minibout prices I still got them for 600+ instead of the 760.
    So they might not change it after you bought it. Im sure you can fight them if they do.
  6. ok i must be blind because i don't see the black suede prives anywhere on the site
  7. i don't see simples?
  8. ok wait..i see it now..for 539? is that not the correct price? should i get it?
  9. They call the Simple pump the "round toe" pump. It's in the "classics" section.
  10. P.S. Barney's now has the Black Patent leather pump in the 100mm heel, if you like the higher heel better, and in "Bubble Gum (which looks red to me?). They also have a Magenta Oh my Sling.
  11. You tell them!!!
    I had to tell you this gave me a much needed chuckle!!! I love the suede but was not really out hunting it down, but at that price I ordered it!! They BEST not try to change the price on me:death:
  12. I didn't call or anything. I am happy with my simples!
  13. Cool!!! Ordered the suede VPs and the nude patent simples. Thanks for posting!
  14. Does anyone know how much international shipping is?
  15. I don't see it...?