BG has done it again....I got defective CL's

  1. I've been wanting a pair of chocolate brown CL's for awhile now. I go ahead and order the La Donna's from BG. I was sooo excited about getting them. When they came yesterday, I couldn't wait to open the box. Then my excitement came to a screeching halt, my shoes were not up to par. As you can in the pictures, the front of the shoe is worn down. The red on the tip has come off. It's as if it was worn already, but it wasn't because underneath it is new. Then my second gasp came when I saw the arch area around the heel. It looked horrible. It looks like someone took a jagged knife and cut around that area. I couldn't wait to tell and show you guys. I am definitely taking them back to NM today for a refund.

    P.S. BTW, these were returned four times already. Hmmm, I wonder why.
    DS2.jpg DS3.jpg DS5.jpg DS4.jpg DS1.jpg
  2. Oh Gem sorry to hear you've had defective shoes too... it really is unbeleivable that a company selling Louboutins on his behalf, and for the prices they do, would send out shoes like this!

    I hope you find another pair soon
  3. On a brighter note, I did get these in perfect condition and I love them :yahoo:
    Suede pump.jpg Suede pump2.jpg Suede pump3.jpg Suede pump4.jpg
  4. I think that this warrants a 10% discount, although honestly I have to say that most of the shoes that I have look like that in the heel area, I think that this is normal since it's on just about every pair of my CLs.
    But it's worth calling them and asking for a discount!
  5. Jeez! What is up with BG/NM lately? I'm with Kamilla, it is worth calling them and asking for a discount.

    Sorry to hear about this, gemruby :sad: But the other pair you received looks hot on you! :graucho:
  6. It's hard to say without seeing them in the flesh but those defects look a lot like a manufacturing problem and poor quality control. Also, BG are at fault for letting them go out of thier shop like that.
  7. Wow BG is ridiculous... They should definately offer a discount. I wonder why they just don't do this on the website? If they put shoes that were defective up for a discount price, at least one would know what they are getting into and it would save a lot of aggravation from both sides.
  8. I am so sorry that BG let you down Gem! Yours are worse than mine. Mine at least were on the liner and not visible. The pics are incredible. Why is the toe scuffed up??? We should put those pics on my Picasa web link and send them to BG corporate.

    We are buying high end shoes from a high in store.......they should have better quality control than that! Unacceptable. Bad BG Bad!:tdown:
  9. I called BG, and they told me that they couldn't give me a discount. I think the reason for this is so they can turn around and sell it to someone else for the 6th time at full price. I'm so turned off by it that I don't even want to go through the hassel. I'm going to NM on my lunch break to return them.
  10. I wonder if the 'defects' that we are seeing lately are not really manufacturing defects but rather people defacing/abusing/not respecting these shoes and then returning them. That looks like the case with the scuff in gem's photo, and that was likely the cause in Lynn's VPs.
    I can't believe any woman would abuse a pair of beautiful CLs and then return them! That is so awful.
  11. gemruby, sorry to hear that but thanks for posting. I was looking for black La Donnas but couldn't find any and actually thinking about getting those and dyeing them but now I know to stay away. Congrats on your suede pumps though.
  12. I can't get over the fact that NM/BG would sell shoes in this condition. If they were returned because of a defect then don't put them up for sale just ask the manufacturer for a refund or replacement. But don't go back a sell them it is not like the consumer is not going to notice and that just hurts their reputation.
  13. I'm really sorry that your order was so subpar :tdown:
  14. So sorry to hear that. Will you return them or seek a discount? I must admit that a few of my shoes look like this around the heel in terms of the sloppy cutting. I thought that was normal. :shrugs:

  15. I just came back from returning the shoes. The lady in customer service was shocked that they would even send me a shoe like this. She also said that if it's a manufacturer's defect, they shouldn't sell the shoes. She came to the conclusion that the shoes kept being returned for the same reason. I'm so relieved that I don't have to see that shoe anymore.