BG has a New Spring KOOBA DEVIN

  1. Oh, I like it! It's classy and stylish without being over the top. It looks as if the leather is nice and soft. Also, it's not too large as some of the bags have seemed to be lately. I would like it even more if it were in a darker color. As usual Lexie, you're right on top of the Kooba search and many thanks for posting the new pics.
  2. Looks like the long shoulder version of the Elisha tote that you first turned me onto Lexie....
    I'm still waiting for the elisha to make it's way to eluxury or another retailer where I won't have to pay tax and maybe save on the shipping. No such luck yet......
  3. Hmm, Kooba looks to be going in a new direction, less boho/western. I really like their new styles. This one's leather looks exceptional for the price:

  4. I :heart: the Devin! I think the design is perfect. I do agree that a darker color would be nice... I have been wishing that Kooba would revive that gorgeous metallic color (like your Scarlett, Lexie!).
  5. Sorry, that bow is too fussy for me, any idea when the rest will be posted on the Kooba site?
  6. The leather does look nice on the Devin but I am not fond of the bow I guess. I am scouring the sites because I'm waiting to see the Nina that I want, or get a better grasp on the Nicole to see if I want that one too.

    I so agree that Kooba should dig a little deeper where color is concerned. I am into that Nina because it is blue. When have we last seen a blue Kooba? Not since 2004 or so when the lining was striped or floral or Kooba imprinted. I think the Metallic Army color was brilliant but it was so limited. Did it ever come out in any other bag than the Sienna or Scarlett? These last colors; khaki, java, blond, or whites just don't do anything for me. How about a Burgandy? Metallic deep Blue? What color Kooba's would you like to see?

    It's weird Maggie. None of these new ones are on the Kooba site. Just like last year it seems they are the last to showcase them. NM, BG or Elux get them first. I'm still waiting to see the Large Meredith bag too. I'm sorry but NM does a poor job of showcasing. No inner view??? No side view? Sometimes no dimensions. How can you buy a bag for 600 bucks with no details?
  7. I like it! IMO the knot (not really a bow) is perfect - feminine, but simple and not prissy. If the leather is as soft as it looks, it might be a great summer bag. I've also been looking at the HH Thalia Drawstring in Chalk or Saddle: Hayden-Harnett Handbags & Accessories - Thalia Drawstring Bucket, Chalk Detail

    Thanks for the heads-up!