BG Fall Preview KOOBA "Paige" HOT HOT HOT!

  1. I have never actually owned a Kooba, although I have seen them in Saks and the leather is wonderful, but this one I have to have! I called BG today and reserved mine, and ladies, the list is already long! So if you want yours, call quickly! It is the "Paige" and it measures 15" wide x 11.5" high x 6" deep...the perfect tote or school bag for fall! LOVE THIS BAG!!! :love: :yes: :yahoo:
  2. Wow that's so nice!! My hubby is bringing back a Kooba sienna from the U.S for me because they're hugely expensive here. I'm so excited for him to come home. I love this one. How much is it?
  3. Tanja, it is $645 in the U.S....a steal compared to our Chloes and B-bags! And it's HUGE, too! Congrats on your Sienna. What color are you getting?
  4. OOOH! I'd love to see a clearer pic of that, looks great!
  5. Swanky, those sun streaks are actually part of the photo, sorry! But the color of the bag does look just a bit darker in the magazine than in my picture. The leather apprears to have beautiful distressing, too.
  6. Dang, that's a hot bag!! I thought I was over Kooba - only kept Lucy in my collection and sold the others - but this looks like a must-have!
  7. wow, 645 for a big bag.. thats a steal...
  8. I like it! Thanks for posting the photo, ET.
  9. I LOVE this bag! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Do I really need a brown bag though.... Uhm... correction, do I really NEED ANOTHER brown bag??

    It's really a steal compared to how much we pay for our other bags, but I would definitely love to see more shots of it too, from different angles. Does anyone know when it'll be available?
  10. Thanks ET, I just called and got on the waitlist too! This a great tote! I love Kooba's leather, but I have not bought any of the past handbag styles. This one is definitely my style!
  11. YAY for the "affordable" Kooba bag! BalenciagaLove, my SA said they should be in in the next month, and the list is if you want one, call and add your name! You can always cancel or return it if you don't love it. It was love at first sight for me with this bag. It is going to be gorgeous!
  12. I fell in love with that bag too! Just put my name in otherwise I might have foolishly waited for it online.... whew! Could this be my dream brown bag for only $645????!!!!! Nah, it says 'bourbon' so it will still be a great bag and I can continue to pound head against wall looking for chocolate shoulder bag!! =)
  13. Love the bag, it looks very practical but not too plain
  14. ooh thats nice.

    ETenebris, you are a very bad influence. I'm lusting your Furla bag too. At this rate I'll never save up enough to get my B bag :lol:
  15. Fabulous! Can't go wrong with Kooba leather....LOVE THE FEEL. I just bought a Marcelle in cognac, and want to add more Kooba's to my collection.