BG chanel VIP card?

  1. Can someone please explain to me what this is ?
  2. oh I'm curious about this as well... bump!
  3. Do you know someone who actually has it or that is just a guess? Very interesting to know~~~
  4. is the vip card just for chanel or it's a bg vip card? wonder if Joseph there would know...
  5. I'm going to check with Joseph today. Will keep you all posted.

    BTW, no matter how many you've bought, Chanel boutiques and other department stores will not give you anything like the VIP card, right? I remember gals from HK mentioned VIP over there.
  6. I shop quite often at BG and have never heard of or seen any customers using a VIP card. Lots of the uptown socialites who shop there use their black Amex, but I've never seen anyone whip out a VIP card. AFAIK the only BG customer rewards program in existence is the BG card/InCircle points system (which is similar to the NM system).
  7. Just called Joseph. He said only boutiques have that, but they don't give VIP discount either. The only privilege is that they will put the vip on the top of wait list for new styles and some unique/limited edition styles. That is my understanding. Some ladies here said their boutique SAs would put them on waitlist even though they did not told them to. BG does not offer VIP card. But Joseph says if we see styles BG does not have and if it is at the beginning of the new season, we can contact him and he will inform the buyer to try to order them for us.
  8. Thanks for the info joyfishyu!

    -Stephanie (pond23)