BG Bag - Suspected Fake.

  1. I just got my Front Pocket Paddy from BG.

    From the moment I took it out of the bag, I suspected it was a fake - I guess I could be wrong, but

    1) the hardware is cheap feeling and "loose"
    2) the edges are the same color as the leather
    3) the stitching is not consistent

    I could cry. Thank goodness for I ordered from BG so I can return it asap - it is going back TODAY.

    Wow. I just am shocked about this.
  2. Wait can you post pictures? Let me look at my front pocket paddy for comparisons. How's the leather feel, look??
  3. yes post some pictures before we may be able to help, i know somethimes chloes bags are not perfect! they have little consistancy! i hve had a bag with loose hard ware and bag stiching but it was always authentic!
  4. Yes - I will post pics asap. One of the zippers are now not working. It is stuck in the open position. :crybaby:
  5. Also, NO Bergdorf tags at all! What is up with that???
  6. I just ordered this same bag on Friday, but in Whiskey. Please post pics so we can see what BG is sending out!
  7. Okay, here are the pics I just took (before packing it back up!!!) Some with flash, some without.
    As you can see, it came with a little sack on the lock and no BG tags at all. Actually, even the Chloe tag was in the pocket.

    I'm sorry if these are just too many pics. I am so upset right now - someone talk me down...

  8. You need to make sure it is securely in the 'jacket'.
    Can you undo it and slide it back in and try again?
  9. The Chloe tag will be in the pocket.
    Online NM and BG Bags don't have the Retail tags like the store would.
    Even the full price Chloe Bags
  10. Yep, I got the zipper to work again before I packed it back up - just a temp panicky moment. :push:
  11. Yes chicbags is absolutely correct, no price tags from NM or BG on online items ......
    Looks like you have all the tags exactly where they should be and the protective wrap on the lock is how the bags come from Chloe.
  12. The zippers can be a little hard sometimes as they are new and they will ease up with use.
    I don't really see anything that is out of the ordinary .......
  13. What about the "tell-tale" edges being the same color of the bag rather than a lighter/darker shade? The online picture shows the bag with a darker edge - the bag I got has an edge that is the same color as the bag itself. Is this a big deal?
  14. Your pictures look like the edge sealant is a slightly different color than the leather.
    The shade of the sealant depends on the color of the bag.

    Your pictures actually look very good & authenticate to me.
    And the wrap around the lock indicates it is fresh and new, not a return like many sale items online.
    Many sale bags arrive w/out round tags and/or dust bags.
  15. Thanks everyone for responding! This all probably means this bag is just not meant for me. I got an Edith from Last Call on Friday and was just blown away by the leather and stitching. When this one arrived today, it was just such a disappointment (as you can tell from my post). I am glad it is authentic, but everything feels cheap on it - not the same quality as Edith.

    I hope you all can forgive me for the drama.:sweatdrop::oh: