BG added a ton of bags to sale today...

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  1. Was just on their site and they've been adding a ton of bags today. MJs, Gucci, Prada, Jimmy Choo...very cute!

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  2. Oh yeah, and don't forget to use BGJAN for free shipping!
  3. Woah, Black and Mouse Stams for $638!!!!!
  4. does anyone have a BG free ship code? I have a bag in mind but i'm weary of the shipping costs!
  5. BGJAN is the free ship code.

    okay, i bought a stam and called them and they said my order was cancelled cause they really didn't have it in stock and the website had just not updated!
  6. Dang Sandy! That sucks.
  7. any other codes besides free shippping?
  8. sold out in the paddingtons!
  9. Sorry - That's terrible. Don't you hate when you're all excited about your purchase. waiting for your bag and something like this happens??? so sorry i hope you find another one.
  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I just picked up a taupe stam for $600 out the door! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  11. sorry but don't get too excited. my order got cancelled :cursing:
  12. Wow some great prices. I didn't get any bags but I did order some dresses that I have been looking for and they had my size. Thanks!

    Sandi - that sucks. what color did you order? they have several of them on the website.
  13. Lot's of good stuff on sale!!! Thanks.
  14. I just looked and boy, their prices on Jimmy Choos were AWESOME! I was all set to order the Brown Shoulder bag, but I just purchased 2 gorgeous bags last week, but somebody should hurry and buy the JC bag!!!!
  15. first i tried to get the one in taupe. then i called to change it to the grey (mouse) one and the lady said that my order had been cancelled cause they didn't have it. then she said they didn't have the grey one either or any color.