BF's V-Day gift-help me decide!

  1. I am dropping the LV bait on:graucho: BF, got him a Damier Pocket Organizer when some ($%*&^T broke into his car while he's working out at gym(it's more dangerous to have wallet in gym's locker), which he seems to enjoy, so now i am thinking about getting him a messenger bag for V-day. Some background of him: came from Seoul, but Conservative in terms of style-T-shirt and jeans type of guy, in late 20's, strong facial feature for Asian, 5'11", medium built, naturally brown eyes and dark brown hair(which i am so jealous of)never try on messenger bags-but said he will try to use it if it's from me.:p
    not sure if he likes the bulky style(Broadway)or streamline (Damier Melville)...which style is better for man? Or I should get him something else? whoever said women are hard to shop for never had to shop for men!
  2. Maybe you should take him to LV and let him pick it out. :yes:
  3. I agree! guys are really hard to shop for..........and dads are WORSE:yucky: lol
  4. littlepanda-he don't like going there, "it's a women's store" which is kinda true consider 90% of display is tarting women in my little Saks lol. also i doubt he like to see the price tags on them......
  5. Damier Geant Loup in black.
  6. "It's a women's store.":roflmfao: I've heard that from my bf before too! Well, maybe you can show him bags on the LV website or Elux? Or maybe point out guys who are wearing nice LV bags (in celebrity pictures or real life). I know there are lots of TWnese and Korean male celebrities that have gorgeous LVs :nuts:
  7. PS- you are lucky to have a tall bf, I have a short Taiwanese bf. :p (Though I'm even shorter.. :crybaby: )
  8. littlepanda-he is not that much taller than me, i am 168 cm and he is 177 cm.....:s , but he thinks man carry messenger is a bit 娘 .....
  9. :nuts: Wowww.... you guys are both sooo tall. I'm barely 160 (probably more like 158ish or so)!! My bf is 165 on a "good" day :p I think a man wearing a messenger bag is handsome, you see guys like that in Taiwan all the time... Such a pity he doesn't want to wear one! Maybe you can convince him to get a wallet or something? :confused1: There's (almost) nothing sexier than a man pulling out an attractive designer wallet from his pocket.
  10. will, he is using the pocket organizer as wallet now b/c he don't carry cash anymore, just plastic and may be 40 bucks in pocket. Honestly i am getting a bit tire to carry his stuff when we go out....i barely fit my stuff in miroir pochette! he just dumps all his stuff in my purse/tote which bothers me, so time for him to carry his own stuff!
  11. I like the Broadway..the Melville is nice but I don't like the plastic clasps on the front.
  12. i need some one to help me narrow down the size: bulky or streamline, which style is better for man who's never use messenger bags before?
  13. I guess if he's never used one, then go with the Melville to start with. If he wants anything bigger, you can exchange it for the Broadway.
  14. How about the Naviglio? Perfectly in between the sizes you mentioned, and looks great on the Korean guys I've seen here with it. :yes:
  15. Oops, I take back my last comment, I guess the Naviglio is smaller than the Melville.

    My vote is for the Melville! It looks really good.