BF's smell......hmmmm

  1. Don't you just love wearing your significant other's shirt? I love wearing it to sleep. I'm wearing his shirt right now and I can't stop thinking about him. I just love his smell.

    I don't have any kids yet, but I've heard that when you're sitting for someone and the baby cries in the crib....that if you roll up mom's worn shirt and put it next to the baby, they'll fall asleep quick.
  2. my boyfriend is half-way across the world at the moment. he left for hong kong yesterday and i won't see him until mid-june when i move back too.

    i sleep in his michigan sweatshirt. god, i miss him so much! :cry:

    puppies are like babies in the sense that they are both comforted by their mummy's smell.
  3. ^^ aww sorry about the bf :sad:. i miss my bf so much cuz i only see him one day a week!
  4. aww! what i wouldn't give to see him now? maybe even give up a b-bag or two :lol:

    seriously tho. the next few weeks will be our last 'hurdle' since our relationship has always been long D. we're both done with school and moving to the same city where we'll most likely see each other every day. i can't wait for June 16th!! but until then, you'll see me hanging around PF a lot and acting all depressed. :sad:
  5. awww toiletduck no worries we'll be here to keep you company :yes:......i love my bf's scent but i get confused when i'm out and about and other guys walk by that smell like head always whips around and i look like a psycho weirdo as i'm looking for my boyfriend who's obviously not there :sad:
  6. i can't imagine a LDR... i'd go nuts! probably buy bags every day ;).
  7. HA:lol: Girly I have 3 kids, and I dont know who told you that one but I could have NEVER been so lucky! New babies and sleep:blink: , well, it just dosent happen:roflmfao:
  8. OMG, i thought im the only one who likes the bf's tshirts. :shame: I hog all of his shirts. Sometimes, i don't even notice that i take home so many of this tshirts, 'til he comes to my place and take some back. heheheh.:love:
  9. i don't like baggy shirts so i never take the bf's shirts. i only wear them when i am too lazy to bring pjs.
  10. I used to sleep in my husbands t-shirt when I was in Holland, and he was here in TN.
  11. My husband had to go away to Utah for a Chemistry thing at U of U for 2 months. I missed him, bigtime. Sleeping in his t-shirt helped. I still haven't given that shirt back.
  12. When my Husbands away on business I always sleep on his side of the bed.:love:
  13. i used to date a guy that smelled soooo good.. omg.

    this thread reminds me of when ross & rachel broke up, and rachel gave back ross's stuff, but wanted to keep his tshirt cuz it's her favorite, and he's like, 'its my favorite shirt too!' and puts it on.. lol. it's like, way too small for him and stuff. haha.
  14. i have some of my bf's shirts which I used for my sleeping attire.. just coz he gave it to me...
  15. ahhhhhhhhhhhh:biggrin: