bfs/husbands...have u converted them yet??

  1. So the other day i went to the gucci store to finnally pick up my bag (Gucci the black one!) and my bf was tottally into all the mens goodies...

    I got him the brown guccisma wallet for his bday but i never would have thought hed get so into it himself!! Do your guys sweeties do the same? haha i thought it was seriously the cutest thing in the world...well ok ALMOST the cutest!!

    By far the cutest thing is when he actually picks out bags for me...he actually thinks about all of my bags and then hes like yup you dont have one like this, or nooo remember that one bag that you got from that one place, its kind of like that i dont like it hahahaha and the other day at the mall he actually spotted a few fakes and was PROUD of it! haha

    WHAT have we done to our guys??? (or should i say what have I done to MY man???) hahahaha :roflmfao:
  2. that's adorable... my hubby hasn't crossed over yet... his favorite line, "with what those things cost, they better talk to you when you're lonely!" or "do they give you the game score?" hahahaha

    but he's much more knowledgeable about diamonds than he ain't THAT bad heehee
  3. thanks ltwuelfing

    ohhhhhhhhh la la DIAMONDS! Haha i would so much rather have that ;) haha We went to finnally look at rings (and i found one that i LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE) and he was like um so whats up with the color thingy and the uhhh size so u only want up to one karat because thats really big right...hahah im like oh god noooooooooo it was funny....hes good at handbags but right now i wish he was good at diamonds!! :sad:
  4. My hubby thinks this is rediculous,lol I don't care though... he says you could pay the mortgage with one of those things... oh well
  5. My husband? No way!

    He always say "What's the difference between diamonds and CZs? A CZ is flawless."

    When I go shopping, he just say, "Again?"
  6. hahahah so funny, thats how my bf used to be! But i think i finnaaalllly broke him down to the point where i was shopping at niemans and looking at god what was it, some other bag-- juicy or something and hes like nooo sweetie for two of those bags you can get a gucci dont bother...haha men are so weird

    haha but BeeJerry i understand the whole diamond and cz bf had NO i hope my engagment ring is ok :sad: kinda scared hahah
  7. My DH always goes shopping with me (almost every weekend) He never complains about anything I want. I handle all the money so he always says if we can afford it and it makes me happy to buy it. Just the other night we were walking down Rodeo Drive after dinner and the only store that was still open was Coach so I had to go in. He is trying to convince me to get a legacy bag. I said no I don't need it. For the prices of the Coach Legacy line I would rather have another Gucci or LV. He also loves to shop for himself too.
  8. You lucky girl! My husband only shops at Target!
  9. Yes, I know I am VERY lucky that he likes to go shopping with me. He also loves to shop at Target. The 1st thing he reads on Sunday morning after the Sports section is the Target ad and then the Best Buy ad.

    Tomorrow I am doing a focus group out in Camarillo (which means a stop at the outlets:yahoo:) And my focus group is going to be almost 4 hours and he wants to go with me and sit in the car while I am doing it. If it was the other way around I would not WANT to sit in the car that long on my day off. He says he will just take his DVD player and watch movies. I am not going to argue I told him he doesn't have to go. Especially it is supposed to be almost 80 degrees out this weekend but he keeps telling me he wants to "just be with me" He hates being home alone. And the amazing part is we have been together 20 years. So it is not like we are just getting to know each other.
  10. OK, where did you find this sweetheart? Does he have siblings?
  11. ^ :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  12. LOL
    We met when we were 18 and I was his first girlfriend so he does not know any better. Plus I trained him VERY well

    Yes he does does have a sibling but sorry to say it is a sister and she is gay. So that is not much help. And talk about complete opposites.
  13. oh oh oh tips on traininggggg please!
  14. If I told you everything I have trained him to do. You will come steal him away. Well here are just a few things.... He does all the Laundry, Cleaning, Dishes, And he works almost 12 hour a day and he is on his feet all day. He comes home and cleans and vacuums every day before I get home from my office job (where I sit and read to much TPF) When I come home I cook something VERY simple and then he does all the dishes. Then on the weekend he goes shopping with me. OH MAN AM I LUCKY!!!!! The only complaint I have is he will never just go out on his own and buy me a present and for Christmas and Birthdays he usually sucks. Any thing that takes ANY planning is 100% my job. Oh yeah I handle all the money he has no clue.
  15. My fiancé still thinks I'm a freak for spending so much money on a purse lol..He will never come around :sad: