BF wants to take me shopping!!

  1. OMG Girls, I can't believe it still!

    My BF had some minor surgery recently, and while it was a given he would be just fine in 24-48 hours he still insisted on taking me shopping as a thank you for driving him to/from the drs office, buying him soft foods he needed and just being there to make sure he took his meds, etc. Awww, pretty easy stuff.

    SO, now he wants to take me to Macy's. As much as I love this guy he has NO IDEA *yet* about my shopping habits and expensive tastes (well, maybe a little, but not to this level yet). Maybe I'll go easy and just get some good perfume, shoes, or who knows - ? Any ideas on how to break this guy in? (Example: He thought my Saleya PM was a "Fendi"). Not that he's ever bought either but he has a good flair for fashion.
  2. Wow Pursegrrl. Have a great time!
  3. that's very very sweet of him! it shows that he appreciates you... hmm i would say give him a heads up... let him know that you have expensive taste... you can do it by leaving the LV page open with the price lists... and try to get a feel about how much he is willing to spend... after all, he did just have a surgery.... :yes:
  4. do some us proud...LMAO..poor guy...
  5. LOL!!

    Well, he needs to know the *real* you. So just break it to him slowly and tell him the brands that you like (even if he doesn't know they are expensive) and show him one of them!

    That way, he won't go into shock! LOL
  6. Aww, that's nice that he wants to take you shopping. Hopefully he won't mind your shopping habit =)
  7. that is so nice of him....have fun :smile:
  8. be nice to the bf.. he just had surgery but be honest too.... hehe, just tell him what u like and give him options....
  9. haha.. definitely go easy..

    get perhaps a new wallet, necklace =)

    introduce him to the brands the less expensive way.
  10. that's so sweet and nice! have fun!! :biggrin:
  11. :yes:
  12. What a nice gf you are to take care of him and a sweet bf of him to take you shopping as a 'thank you'. Have a fab time shopping!! :smile:
  13. Go easy on him! After all, he did just have surgery and he has no clue about your tastes yet. They say...break them in slowly
  14. Just walk around with him and show him stuff that you like, try it on etc. And let him pick which one he likes the most on you. That way you can let each other know your spending habits.
  15. Enjoy that shopping trip and do try break him in easy. Would it be more convenient geographically perhaps to go to NM or Saks? Save gas and all? :roflmfao: (I'm such a brat, I know). Or wait...weren't you just at Macy's :devil::angel: so it really would be more fun to see what they have at __________? Failing that, surely something at Macy's will call your name! Very loving gesture on both your parts. Have fun!