BF Wants to know about Damier AZUR...

  1. My bf REALLY REALLY REALLY likes my AZUR bag... He wanted me to ask all of you on tPF if you thought a guy could get away with using Azur small leather goods... OR, do you think it is to feminin looking?
    Let me know so I can tell him what my "LV lovers" told me!:yes:

    He also says: Do you think Monogram is okay for larger items (like luggage and business bags, or should he stick to taiga and Damier) for men???:confused1:
  2. they've just released a Damier Azur Naviglio. he might want to check that out ;)
  3. :yes: I don't think either mono or azur are too feminine. As long as he's not carrying Multicolour, he should be ok.

  4. I think damier & damier azur is totally unisex so yes he could get away with it, also think mono is good for guys too but it does depend on the piece luggage & business bags no probs.

    So you can tell you BF Label Addict say's GO FOR IT
  5. Monogram is absolutely okay for larger items. It's just the small bags on guys that makes me feel strange...

    I don't think I would suggest damier azur for a guy though. Maybe it looks too feminine because it's all about creamy white, etc. I dont know why that strikes me as feminine in the first place, so it's hard to say...

    I think a safe rule of thumb would be to go for the patterns they list as options under "men" on elux. Unless your bf is into gender bending/breaking societal conventions (which some men, and women are...) in which case, he should just go for whatever he loves and not worry about it...
  6. Yeah I suggest the DA Naviglio, Cles, or Agenda. Guys can def. pull off Damier Azur. ;)
  7. I think guys can pull off Azur, no problem. I remember awhile ago, there were a lot of questions here about whether the Damier line as a whole, including Azur, was actually too masculine looking.
  8. Azur keepall looks hot on guys:drool:
  9. I think Monogram and Azur is very appropriate to guys, they look very unisex to me.
    Tell him to go for it!
  10. sure!
    even larger items would be appropriate
  11. Oh yeah totally! tell him to get the Naviglio! but be keep an eye on him though coz i bet he'd get admiring looks off lv loving ladies like us! :graucho: lol j/k
  12. I sort of think it is a little feminine? Just my opinion though because of the creamy white/beige.
  13. Definitely a unisex in many pieces.
  14. :yes: ITA...I think damier is more masculine and damier azur is a little feminine:shrugs:
  15. Sur mono and Azur are appropriate for guys!!! By all means, tell him to get something!