BF suprised me with a NEW CAMERA! Jazzed it up w/ some Coach accessories!!

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  1. When my bf got me my new phone I didn't have a place to put a lanyard...I was so disappointed...BUT it was a really cool phone so I let it slide.

    Well the zoom button falled off my camera a few months ago. I didn't really care but it did piss me off.

    Well bf bought me a new one!!! :yahoo::yahoo: A PURPLE one!!!

    So I noticed it had a loop for a I threw one on!!!

    TAH DAH!!!



    AND it fits PERFECTLY in my coach cell phone I decided the use it b/c I can't find a skin and I know I will scratch it up

    He may not surprise me with purses. But he always gets the next best thing:P
  2. Thats adorable! I want to put a lanyard on my camera now too. I need to find one that matches my red Sony Cybershot now...
  3. Congrats! Too cute! I like the purple on purple! I just received my coach phone/camera holder via fed ex a half hour ago and im happy to say, it fits my phone, yay! Your Bf is a keeper!
  4. Thats so cute. I love the cameras that are a color. I really want a pink or red one. I think red becuase its my favorite color. I love the lanyard idea. My phone has a place for one but its at the bottom so it looks kinda weird, KWIM? That was so nice of your bf to do that. Enjoy and take lots of pictures.
  5. Melanie, you do like purple:tup:
    How sweet of your BF to buy you that...and the lanyard looks good with it! ( I put a Coach lanyard on my camera too)
  6.'s turning into an obsession lol! I know...I was so surprised!!! I was having a crappy day too lol...

    I don't know how to thank him!!!
  7. That matches so perfectly! Lovin' the purple! Congrats!
  8. thats nice i love the purple. i was actually goig to suggest one of those cellphone cases for it but you beat me to it lol
  9. awww.. that's so sweet of him! i love purple too!
  10. oh cute!!!!!!!! These are the kind of little accessories I LOVE!
  11. All the colors go so great together!! I like your style :smile:
  12. ^^^thanks!!! I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner!!! My lanyard has just been sitting in its box this whole time. My old camera had a place for lanyards too!! But these two match perfectly so I'm very happy!!
  13. they look great!
  14. That is really cute! Your BF is a keeper!!
  15. Aww, the lanyard matches PERFECTLY! :tup: So pretty!