BF really lost and confused

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  1. Hi All,

    My girlfriend's birthday is coming up in about 2-3 months and I wanted to get this bag for her that I vaguely remember her showing me..

    I only remember spikes on the bottom of it since all bags pretty much look the same to me... (hey, don't judge me I'm a guy!) and it was somewhat on the bigger side... and it was a dark color..

    By any chance would that very small description help figure out what bag she was talking about? Thanks in advanced for the help!
  2. Alexander Wang Rocco?
  3. hmmm, looks like it's designed by alexander wang... it's not the rocco though... it looks a little more... slouchy than this.. thanks for the help though... at least i figured out the designer...
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  4. WANG bags are pretty much their own design....Id ask her what the bag was..Just say ..WOW,i saw that bag u liked on a girl today and it was really nice IRL,what was it called again?"
  5. damn thats a good idea.. but she'd catch on quick.. and i want it to be a surprise...

    thanks everyone.. i think it's the darcy hobo one.... if anything she can return it
  6. ^Just make sure the store has a good return policy..some places ONLY do store credit.
  7. Definitely Alexander Wang ;)
  8. Glad you found the answer so quickly. tPFers are the best!
  9. Your avatar just like Mao Zedong, the first president of PRC. :biggrin:
  10. I think it could be Alexander Wang as AW's leather and style are very distinct. But yes, there are other similar bags like the Darcy Hobo. Like this one by Rebecca Minkoff could be a possibility:

    They both have studs at the bottom but obvisouly they're very different. If you think the bag she liked is by AW, then you're probably right.
  11. It is :smile: