BF just saw my CC bill. Freaking out!

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  1. I left my CC bill on the kitchen counter and fiance just saw it.

    OK, I have had to charge a lot of stuff for school but I've also done shopping, charged random things etc.... Anyway, he said he had no idea how high my bill was and now he's working on a plan for me to pay it off completely.

    I don't know why this upset me so much. I'm usually really good with money. Have great credit. When I was working I paid everything in full every month. But since I've been in law school I've just been paying bit by bit.

    He has a great job, great income and we recently started consolidating our finances. He pays all of the household bills as of a few months ago. I used to pay a share but since I now have student loans he thinks its better for him to pay everything.

    He's a lot better with finances than I am. I guess I just feel kinda stupid for having CC debt. :sad:
  2. Don't feel stupid--just feel lucky you have a partner who can help you in this area. You were smart to pick him! :smile:
  3. Dont worry- my DH is totally better at finances than I am so I know how u feel but just take it as him helping you!
  4. Don't feel stupid, just work to pay it off quickly. I carried a balance when I was younger, but no more. By the time I met my husband ten years ago, I had stopped and by the time we bought our house a year later, I made sure his were paid off as well. We haven't carried a balance since. :smile:
  5. Girl, you're in law school, you don't want to get into a ton of debt, but some debt can't be helped! You're investing in your future right now. Don't be irresponsible, of course, but don't feel too bad about it, really.
  6. I feel the law school debt pain. Let's just hope we can pay it off when working!
  7. Sometimes this is easier said than done, but don't beat yourself up too much. I'm sure it was embarrassing the way your fiance discovered this (rather than you sharing it the way you wanted to), but he wants to work with you on a plan to pay that off so that's wonderful!

    As far as cc debt goes, hey most of us have all been there done that at some point in our lives. It's just not a topic of cocktail party conversation, kwim?
  8. aww, he shouldn't beat you up about do have bills and tuition. sign up for electronic billing!
  9. I have just *a little* bit of credit card debt... shhh!!! don't tell my boyfriend!!! :sweatdrop:

    i feel you girl! I'll pay it off by the end of the summer... for real this time!
  10. Dont beat yourself up about it.....
    I dont think that a little CC debt is anything to be ashamed about.....its just one of those things and we get through it....dont let ppl make you feel bad....:yes:
  11. As long as he didn't make you feel stupid for having CC debt! My ex was extremely controlling financially, even though I had a full-time job, and would go into a rage sometimes if did I any "unauthorized" spending. I dreaded bill-paying time every month because he would go over my CC statements with a fine-toothed comb. You do NOT want to go there!
  12. awww madamefifi, that doesn't sound too good... you're okay with that?
  13. I know it sucks, but sometimes things happen. Esp. when school costs a lot. As long as you know things need to get managed and your SO is supportive, I think it will be just fine. He seems like he's really helpful and doesn't seem to be blaming you for anything.:smile:
  14. Let me repeat: my EX!! I'm OK with it now, we've been divorced for 10 years, I'm very happily remarried, and the ex is someone else's problem now!

    But you're so sweet to ask!:heart:
  15. ^ HEH i'm glad he's someone else problem now =)