Bf just called to say there is a bomb....

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  1. My Bf just called me to tell me there is is/was a suspected bomb in the building near where he is now. He said something about then either blowing up the package or going to blow it up you know in those metal unit things.

    I guess then the bomb squad will take a look at it and find out what it is but at the minute, it's scary I would never expect anything like this to happen where we are
  2. OMG. That sounds so scary.
    I hope that he's okay and that he stays safe.
    ** HUGS **
  3. Oh no! Sending positive thoughts that way....let us know what you hear.
  4. Ah! I hope everything turned out to be alright! *hugs*
  5. Hope it's just a false alarm!
  6. We live in such a scary world now... Hope everything turns out okay!
  7. Hope everything is ok!1 Please keep us posted.
  8. I really hope it is a false alarm.x
  9. Keep us updated! Hopefully it's a false alarm.
  10. oh my god!
    where is it? theres nothing on the news!
  11. I know I've been checking there's nothing on yet,
  12. Omg i hope every one is ok.
  13. I send him a text to find out what's going on he sent back that they blew it up I guess I'll just have to wait for it to appear on the news or until he gets home for more details.
  14. I sent him a text to find out what's going on he replied that the police blew it up so I guess I'll have to wait until he get in for more info
  15. knowing the north east news you either wont find out about it or they will wait a week before reporting on it.
    the didnt report that 2 weeks ago the main road across the river in sunderland was closed on a busy fridy morning because a man was attacked. and there was a murder outside of where i work that i didnt hear anything about either