BF going to kill me, just spend $500 on dog clothes

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  1. OMG I need to hide our banking statement. I just went over board and spent $500 on dog clothes and 2 dog carriers.

    My dogs don't need anymore clothes, but I just could not help myself. Molly my chi already has a doggie closet just for herself which is so full I can't fit anything. I might have to purchase her a second closet.

    anyone else spend crazy money on dog clothes?
  2. here is a pic of Molly's closet. It holds less than half of her clothes. I am obsessed, she is like my little furry child.

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  3. That pic really made me smile!!! Your dog has a pretty extensive wardrobe!!

    My poor little Lucy only has one outfit, home-made. Its her July 4 parade outfit

    She is clearly deprived in the wardrobe department!!

  4. CobaltBlu, what size is your little Lucy? I might have a few items I can pass on to her as my dog grew out of some really cute stuff. let me know.
  5. by the way i love Lucy's pic, so adorable.
  6. haha, my SO wont let me buy clothes for my babies :crybaby:. I have a couple of shirts that Ive snuck past him, and 2 GAP sweaters for when its cold outside.
    They are so deprived lol.
  7. my dog doesn't need clothes. shes got fur. she's a big australian shepherd/chow mix though. I love Mollys little closet. I almost choked on my popsicle right now. too cute.
  8. I bought one sweater for my dog when she was trimmed down, but now she has big hair so outfits don't really work (thankfully, I guess). I did spend almost that much on two collars though :wtf:....and I've been spending a ton on food and treats. She's so picky with what she eats, there are only specific treats she's willing to accept and they're usually the outrageously priced real meat ones.
  9. Oh my gosh, so much pink in that closet! Too cute! I say you show us some modeling pics!!:yes:
  10. That is so cute! Your doggie probably looks more fashionable then me.:P
  11. I love that Molly is so well-dressed and that you love her so much. Don't worry too much about over-spending. We all do it now and again, and it really was for a good reason--your baby!
  12. AWwww wayyy too cute!!! I can't wait to have a doggy and buy it the cutest clothes :smile:

    Molly has the cutest closet, wow! I love her clothes :tender:
  13. Holy Crap! that is AWESOME!! lol I love it!
  14. That's hysterical in a good way. :roflmfao: My dogs won't let me dress them. I just have fancy collars.
  15. I second the motion to have you share some modelling shots with us!