BF finally understands! :-)

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  1. So after many trips to outlets, boutiques and any other place you can buy Coach I think my BF finally understands!

    Anyway, here's my story:
    BF's mother and I sometimes get along, but sometimes she can be really nasty towards me. One of these times is when I purchase a new bag. But whenever I get a new one she always looks at me and says in a very snotty voice "And how much was that one?" So now I just don't tell her. I now say that I prefer to keep that information to myself. I think she is just weird about it because she always buys really ugly fakes and she knows that I do not condone that. Anyway, she came in the other day with another ugly fake she bought from her hair place and BF asked her if she bought another fake bag and she looks right at me and says "yes, I can't afford the expensive ones like her". (which I work hard for and save for!) I just sat there and said nothing. He looks at her and says "well maybe if you didn't buy the ones that lasted a month you could save up your money and buy a quality one! Go BF! He totally understands that the price we pay is for quality.

    I don't care if she doesn't carry Coach, I just wish she would respect the brand and stop making comments about my bags! Sorry for being so long, but does anyone else run into situations like this?
  2. Go BF! And go you for doing your best to brush it off when she brings up the price of a new bag. It really is no ones business but your own what you spend your money on.
  3. Yes! Some people just don't understand.
  4. Your boyfriend has spoken the truth!! ;)
  5. Thanks! It was hard as the beginning and I used to snap back, but I've gotten great at ignoring!:biggrin:
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    I never experience that situation, but I understand how you feel. I am also willing to save my money to afford the purse that I want to buy. Some people are not willing to save their money to buy a real designer purse, because they want instant gratification in buying a fake designer purse. I know some people buy fake designer purses for other reasons. Everybody has a right to buy what makes them happy. It is nice that your boyfriend spoke up for you. He seems like a good boyfriend. :smile:
  7. Nice job being the bigger person! That must be hard, but it's definitely the classy thing to do.

    I have to admit, I used to be one of the people who (silently) judged other people for carrying expensive bags. :sad: As I've matured I've realized that you can be smart and invest the money you would spend on several cheap (or fake!) bags and buy one bag that you will love and will make you happy. (Like my MFF legacy shoulder bag - it makes me smile whenever I look at it!) I've also realized it is not my place to make judgments about other people. Glad your sweet boyfriend understands!
  8. That's awesome for your BF to stand up for you like that! That he understands the quality, and that he stood up to his own mother is awesome. So many guys are passive with their own mothers, they let them mistreat their girlfriends or wives. You are lucky to have such an awesome guy!

    Oh, and it's really not her business what YOU spend YOUR money. She can go suck a lemon.
  9. I agree. :smile:
  10. I'm more impressed that he defended you than any comment he had about the bags. Go BF!

    The mother sounds like a mean, jealous woman.:yucky:
  11. Way to go!! :biggrin:

    Can you please ask your BF to have a word with my husband? :greengrin:
  12. your BF needs to talk to my BF! that is awesome. i think my BF gets it a little bit, he gets that the cheapo bags fall apart, but still doesn't understand the need for more than one coach. guess i can't have it all ;)
  13. He's definitely a keeper ;)
  14. wow, not only does he understand, but he stood up to you against his mother--go BF!! that's great :biggrin: my fiance doesn't understand still.. but his mother does! she loves to spend $$ (my mother, on the other hand, thinks I am a nut).
  15. Aww you're BF is sooo sweet! My BF's mum and I just went on a RARE shopping trip together to the Coach outlet I managed to talk her into bringing home an XL Zoe :P

    Don't worry I'm sure she'll come around too!