BF Coddles Me Too Much?

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  1. As in, he keeps on buying me stuff like Chanel handbags, Tiffany jewelry and stuff, usually without me asking. If I mention something's kinda pretty then forget about it, he assumes I want it and then he buys it for me. Honestly, I don't care about this stuff. I really like him for who he is, and when I try to tell him he doesn't have to he seems a little hurt and he's like, "But I want to..."

    Even though he can be really sweet, he's also kinda overprotective and like keeping his arm around me...Idk why, but he's really tall and I only come up to his shoulders. And he likes to talk about "protecting me"...

    I think I kinda love him and don't get me wrong, I appreciate everything he does for me but I also wanna know if this kind of behaviour is normal. If it matters, I'm 19 and he's 22. Also, I wonder is culture could be an explanation? I'm Chinese-Canadian, and imo both of these countries are pretty big on male-female relationship equality. He speaks English well but is native S.Korean.

    Pls can someone tell me what to make of this?
  2. A rather well off 22 year old if he is constantly buying you $4,000 handbags etc!!

    Equality is nothing to do about amount you spend on each other or if you are protective of each other or not. Even if you thought it was it is simply the total amount spent or the proportion of your income? In these days of equality it can be the females that earn the bigger money and is over lavish with their gifts etc

    Some people (not just men) enjoy buying their partners presents. Some people (not just men) like it when their partners are dressed in nice things, are envied by others etc.

    You can try and rationalise it but it can be something positive (eg they want you to be happy, enjoy you looking good) or something more negative (eg they think by you having expensive things it makes them look good - though others could assume you are the one buying them all)

    Irrespective of both is commonality or his personal motives at the end of the day if you dont like it for whatever reason you need to have a conversation with him and obviously explain what you dont like, why and how you'd prefer him to treat you.
  3. Yeah, man I Cant stand when my boyfriend buys me designer things! UGH!

    oh wait, he doesnt....I wish I had this problem!
  4. Stop telling him the stuff you like and maybe he'll stop buying them?:shrugs:

    He probably buys these things because he wants to make you happy:smile:
  5. Closing this as its a duplicate and in incorrect forum.
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