Bezel setting for small diamond earrings?

  1. I have some small diamond stud earrings set in 14K gold that my mother gave me. I don't even know weight but I'd say 1/4 carat each at most. I was thinking of having the jeweler reset in platinum as I'm having trouble with my piercings due to nickel allergy. Then I had second thoughts as the diamonds are so small they're not really noticeable...Do I really want to put $ into them and wear every day? So I thought maybe I should get larger manufactured diamonds? Or do you think a bezel set would be worthwhile for these? Make them look nicer? Of course, a setting like this in platinum is going to cost more than a plain prong setting. Opinions? Thank you.
  2. I think that having those diamonds reset into bezels would give you a noticeable increase in size. I can't advise re: simulated stones, because I would not be happy wearing them.
  3. .25 carat weight is a nice size for diamond studs. If you had them done in a bezel setting, they would be lovely. I think they would be quite noticeable. I wear my .25 carat diamond studs almost everyday. When I dress up I wear different earrings, but for regular life, they're perfect for me.

    I personally wouldn't consider simulated diamonds as I only want the real ones.
  4. I think they'd look pretty and agree as to being more prominent. I personally would not go w/ a simulant, b/c you have real stones in your possession. However, if you are not going to wear them because you feel they are too small, you could consider trading them in somewhere, if you can find a place, and then putting the credit to a larger pair. If you like the idea of simulated stones, I've seen some moissianite (sp?)that is pretty.
  5. I have these and I never take them off. They work with everything! I think mine are smaller than .25 (gonna have to find out now). Tiffany's Elsa Peretti in Platinum.
  6. Thanks! I'm printing this to take to my jeweler.
  7. I really love this setting. It has a modern feel but still class. There just seems something appealingly "clean" about the design to me.
  8. The other thing you could look into is something like this:

    It is fun because then you can wear the earring in two ways and it looks compeltely transformed. Although the ones on this link are somewhat expensive, you could find them/have them made for much less (especially if your center stones are smaller b/c it will require fewer diamonds to make the sleeve).
  9. bezel is always the best way to make small diamonds look larger and it's a classic look as well