Beyond Ugly

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  1. I been seeing those of a while now...quite ugly and they look nothing like the love qees on qeester
  2. yuuucckkkk
  3. I totally agree with u!
  4. Yeah, they look rubberish.
  5. Gross! :s
  6. They remind me of stretched gummi bears... I almost want to eat one!
  7. lol, yuck.
  8. It seems like a gift a well meaning friend would get....they would think "oh, you like tokidoki...isn't this great!!?"
    but still...not very cute considering all of the otehr cute options there are out there.
  9. Eww! Its like a cheap knockoff of qees!
  10. yeah, my thing is set to see the cheapest thing first..and that's what I see on the first page and it's so fugly. LOL. Even those other lesportsac bags that aren't tokidoki...but they show up.
  11. I saw those on eBay the other day! I was like..."huh?" They look like a something a little kid would buy or something you would get in a kids meal.
  12. :lol: gummy bear? yummie :biggrin: ...I rather get the real qees..even if its not least they look better than these
  13. Speaking of qees and these yucky looking ones... I always wanted a Meomi qee!! That's the only reason I ever wanted the original print... but I'm not gonna buy it JUST for that... I love the Meomi qee!! :crybaby: