Beyond THRILLED with my "new" Onatah!!!

  1. :yahoo:I received my leather Onatah GM in mocha (sp?) this morning (HUGE shout out to let-trade!:tup:) and LOVING it to pieces!!! I've used it already to go to the store! So nice and comfy!:love: I missed the boat when they first came out but lately I've grown to love the hobo style so I decided to give it a shot! So happy I did! Here is a pic (but I am sure most of you already know what it looks like!:p). Anyone who was ever on the fence about this style - GO GET IT!!! You won't regret it!:nogood: I promise!

    Onatah GM.jpg Onatah GM on.jpg
  2. Awww congrats Irene!!!! So great to see you excited about LV again :smile: Welcome home! LOL
  3. yay! Irene's back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    congrats!! its beautiful!!!!!
  4. Hot! :tup:
  5. mmmmm ..... the mocha leather looks so yummy!!
  6. Congrats!
    Very Nice!
  7. irene, that is the hottest hobo ever!!!!
  8. Congrats!! I used to have the aubergine one and love it very much but I need the fund so I sold it. I've been thinking of it ever since and kinda regret now, I hope I could buy it back in future. Good Choice!!
  9. Looks amazing! I love that style, classic chic for certain! Congrats!
  10. Beautiful!! Congrats.
  11. I like it alot!! It looks like a great everyday bag!
  12. yayayaya! glad u love your beauty!
  13. looks nice Irene!!! great choice to bring you back to LV!
  14. Congrats on the Onatah, love the colour!
  15. Lovely! Congrats!