Beyond the Rack return policy

  1. Just need abit of clarification, I was reading the above return policy and it seems they dont refund your money back when you return your purchase but rather give you a credit to be used later. Was I reading right?
  2. I have not purchased anything from Beyond the Rack personally, but I do know other sample sale sites or discount sites like Hautelook and Gilt Group do have a similar "return" policy. You may return the item for credit only. I wouldn't be surprised if Beyond the Rack had a similar policy- most likely, you are correct.
  3. It depends on the item you purchase. Some can be refunded back to your cc if returned within x number of days. Others will be final sale and yet others will be for store credit only.
  4. Check the store policy before purchase.. personally wouldn't want to shop

    where couldn't get my money back or cc refund..
  5. I do understand why they'd only do store credit though- they're offering basically what amounts to a service to help liquidate unsold merchandise at deeply discounted rates. I would think that there should be a little give and take between the consumer and the merchant in cases like this as the prices are set intentionally low to clear out the last of that stock- so returns would negate the point of them being able to liquidate merchandise for retailers and wholesalers.
  6. Hmmm...I purchased some Prada sneakers from them. They arrived in a Prada look-a-like box with a home-made Avery white label placed on the top that said Made In Italy. When I took the shoes out the box...under the tongue of the shoes said Made In Vietnam. Now I might not have thought that much about it if the white label hadn't been put on the box seeing that a lot of these companies do have their products made "elsewhere" especially parts of the product...but the label made it all too suspicious. When I returned the item to them (In Canada...BTW...very expensive) and complained to them I never received a response back from them...very professional...and now I have a account credit for a few hundred dollars. Beware of purchasing from them.
  7. ^ oh no...I almost bought them too...
  8. I didn't know we had to return in Canada...ugh! They are shipped out from NY. I just got a new pair of shoes from them. I don't like them and they took 3 weeks to get here. I may be stuck with them.....