Beyond the Rack Louis Vuitton?

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  1. Last week or the week before, I saw that BTR had a vintage LV sale. And again today. Has anybody bought anything from there? How authentic would it be? They had maybe like 9 Mono Speedies. Where is this all coming from?
  2. I would love to know about this too. Every time they have a vintage sale it sells out within minutes of being posted.
  3. Hi all,
    I was able to get my hands on the Long wallet, in black epi for $199.99.
    It looks and feels authentic for the most part. The only thing that worries me is that inside one of the bill compartments, the leather seems to be flaking off. I don't know if that is supposed to happen because its old and vintage or its a really good fake. :confused1:
  4. I'm not really familiar with epi wallets, but if you are concerned about its authenticity, you should post pics here:
  5. Beyond the Rack had vintage LV for sale again today. Some of the stuff doesn't look like it is in the best condition. I'd like to know where they get it from and how they guarantee that it is real. They don't post very personal pictures of the pieces or date codes.
  6. I have bought from BTR many times and never had a problem with authenticity :biggrin: HTH
    Just saw they have another vintage sale today, just started at 11AM
  7. they had another today and i scored a speedy 30 for $220! the zipper is missing the pull handle but that can be fixed. im super excited :yahoo:
  8. everytime i log on the bags are reserved already. how do people reserve in advance?
  9. when it says reserved, that mean it's in someone else's cart. but you only get 20 minutes to have it in your cart before they take it out.
  10. They don't. People just log in quickly at 11am EST and put EVERYTHING in their bag and sift through everything and choose what they really want during those 20 minutes that it's reserved.
  11. I log on right at 11 EST and everything is already reserved. In fact I log on earlier and just refresh until the time. Do you think there is a special computer program that allows them to put things in their bags so fast?
  12. Did you get your bag yet? Can you show us pics? So what condition is the bag really in...

    I've seen LV items on Beyond the Rack that didn't look too amusing.

  13. no not yet. it says 2-3 weeks for them to receive it then another 2-8 days for me to get it. so im guessing mid-october the latest but ill def post pics. the bags are used but gave me hope! plus it isnt that bad to just get the handles replaced if that fails. you should check it out.
  14. Will be cool to see it when it arrives.that's a great price.
  15. i purchase 3 bags off , all from the vintage lv sale. the LV monceau mini briefcase looking , stcloud epi in black, and the st jacquecs in epi black.

    the condition is horrible. i almost cried.

    monceau - had a black soot in the interior pocket gluing it shut. it was like a gum or tar that is black that does not come off ur skin and nails , i used acetone to get it off my skin and nails , doesnt work to clean bag. the stuff could be a waterproof makeup, but makeup remover is not working either. there were 2 little packets in the interior pocket stuffed very deep. covered in this stuff, the packets had asian writing , with red coloring design for luck. PLease if anyone knows what this stuff is , that would be great? maybe a preserver or something . all this was not in the description.

    the st cloud has the same problem. however the interior pocket of the monceau was brown and the stuff black. on the st cloud its black on black and its only in the pockets again. outside pocket is flaking and also rubbing black pigment on my hands. all this was not in the description.

    the st jacques is stained on the interior as well. i have yet to fully examine it bc i was so sad at this point i put them back in the box and went to go think about other stuff.

    its crazy to have them just be a coincidence, am i the only one?

    ladies how do i clean this tar , black, waxy, poop!?????
    alcohol doesnt work , or windex ...