Beyond HAPPY...first Gucci :)

  1. Presenting my very first Gucci bag....I am sooo in love with it :heart: I went to go check out the sale and I ending up buying this one which wasn't on sale of course, but I don't care cause it is BEAUTIFUL and sooo perfect for me :tup:


    I don't even know what style it is???
  2. Congrats!!!! I have the same bag but with white trim. It is such a comfortable bag to carry. It is called the "New Britt" Hobo
  3. I think this is a great first bag! Congratulations :smile:
  4. Gorgeous bag! I love the shape of it!

  5. Congrats! The New Britt collection is beautiful, especially this hobo. I think the size is perfect too.
  6. congrats!!
  7. very nice... congrats on a lovely bag:tup:
  8. Very nice. Congratz!! :love:
  9. congrats!! I have the same bag and when I bought it, it was my first Gucci purchase. Enjoy it.
  10. I almost bought this in the white trim (same one beljwl has) but I decided to go with another bag that was similar in style but $200 cheaper... Couldn't resist. It's a really nice bag, congrats!
  11. Beautiful, congrats
  12. congrats its beautiful bag.
  13. i wanted to get this bag online... does it hold a lot, and does it lose its shape easily?! its so cute!! great first bag. i am still soooo in love with my first bag :p
  14. congrats. lucky i didnt even see this bag at the sale. mind me asking how much you got it for?
  15. oops forget my above post. i read your post wrong. -_-;; i tried editing but i cant for some reason how weird.