Beyonce's Tweed Jacket & Handbag

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  1. I LOVE her jacket & her bag is cute too. I like the color.

  2. Bag is Balenciaga. Love the jacket hope someone can ID
  3. Wonder if it's chanel?
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  5. The bag is a balenciaga day bag.
  6. ^^ is it outremer??
  7. I love the bag but didn't like the jacket. I feel the outfit is all wrong. Even though I like that bag it doesn't seem like it matches what she's wearing. For me Beyonce always get it wrong. Either on red carper or casual. I feel sometimes she over accessories.
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    Her jacket is DSquared. It was available on Luisa Viaroma for 2115.00, but has now sold out. Your best bet is to contact Intermix, I know they carried this exact jacket during the fall season, and they might have some left. Good Luck :smile:


    She overdid it with the accessories. She owns great pieces, but her outfits are always off .
  9. ^^^yep! Lindsay Lohan had the same jacket on a few months ago. yah beyonce's style sucks but she owns really good pieces.

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  10. Mango had something similar last season that was a lot more wallet friendly...
  11. Bal bag which is super cute!