Beyonce's pants

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  1. American apparel sells leather like leggings that are very similar, inexpensive compared to real leather, and comfy. Try their website.
  2. Thanks. Any other suggestions?
  3. Forever 21 Has a cheeper pair at their stores.
  4. The Row and Kova & T both make leather leggings.
  5. i got the american apparel ones a while ago so I highly recommend them. I want to step up to leather, but it is not in the budget right now.

    Topshop has an inexpensive leather legging a while ago, maybe ebay? so did VS but I missed those also so prolly ebay on that one too.
  6. They look like the Kova and T leggings I had...there were about $185CDN back in Sept when I bought them
  7. For cheap/non-leather ones, try Target. I got a pair there for $12 I think.
  8. I know Chloe did some fabulous ones in leather but not sure about non leather (I would stick with real leather if I were you)
  9. ^I agree...I would have rather bought something like that in real leather...but I'm a slave to the trends
  10. I'm looking for a nice real leather pair, too ...
  11. Where in Canada did you buy Kova and T? i only found it on Saks website so far and i am also looking for something similar
  12. Alexander Mcqueen does some leather leggings with a biker edge to them, available from NAP. They're not cheap though, £1021, in the sale.