Beyonce's New BDAY album & , she's hot...

  1. I am currently watching BET- It's Beyonces Bday today ( She's 25 now) and also her release on her newest album!

    I never realized how beautiful she is...she looks absolutely amazing in the red dress shes wearing on the show right now!

    Her music , is sometimes kinda annoying. But besides that, I think she's very beautiful.

    For some odd reason, she looks so much lighter on tv, but in pics she looks tanner. I'm starting to beleive she's starting to look Latina more now! :P

    Have any of you guys seen her " Me,Myself & I" video? She wears short hair in this one and I thought she kind of almost resembled Victoria B!!

    Here's a link to the music video if you are interested to check it out...

    Attached are pix from her official site.





  2. I think she's very gorgeous. I really like her looks in her "check on it" music video. She looks good in every outfit she's in.
  3. She looks great...I hope her CD is good! She is amazingly beautiful in those photos (and most of the time)!
  4. I must say that her recent 2 videos...did not make Miss B look as beautiful as she really is!
  5. She lived on the same street as my sister in Lake Olympia until her family moved. She is very beautiful and talented but she is not friendly at all.
  6. i'm irrationally jealous :girlsigh::tender:

    she's sooooo beautiful:love:
  7. She's pretty and hot.
  8. I like her a lot. She's beautiful and she's not afraid to show her curves.
  9. her curves are lovely!

    i want those curves! lol
  10. gorgeous beyonce! Wish i have that body:shame:
  11. she looks great.
  12. she should stop singing and just model. I do not consider the sounds that come out of her mouth to be music.